Granting Christmas Wishes to Homeless Veterans and Their Families!

Most people want the newest cell phone or gadget for Christmas, and it’s easy to forget there are millions of people who can’t afford the basic necessities like a warm meal or gifts for their loved ones and kids on Christmas.

So I decided to go out and channel my inner santa and grant some Christmas wishes for homeless veterans and their families.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and your family and remember, the best feeling on Christmas is giving to those in need!

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  1. TheSovietUnionbutnot 119

    Here’s the plan: Get this man enough subscribers to the point that he can literally buy homes for these people

    1. The person with an electrical bill wasn’t homeless, those with electric wheelchair were probably not homeless…

  2. I actually gave a homeless man a cheeseburger and a bottle of water one day. Honestly one of the best feelings.

    1. I did too. I’m a nurse and I was coming home from work and a homeless man asked for a dollar. I gave him 50

    2. The joking Demon

      Yeah I wanna go make people happy it truly does make the person giving happy ? you one of the good people good job ?

    3. @Hyper_ Swervy going to heaven isnt about being a good person morally but he definitely did something very kind and generous. People need more compassion.

  3. people say that “we need
    more people like him.” But we need to
    be like him.
    EDIT: Omg thanks for the likes! 🙂

  4. God gave my sons and I the best Christ-mas gifts ever, The first one is the sacrifice of His Holy Son and our salvation through His Holy precious Son Jesus. The second one is a Home of our own. May the Lord bless you all.

    1. ClaireBear Games

      If there homeless, how will they use the dvd if they need a DVD player or TV? a and TV’s (most, not sure if all.) need a cable. So uhm –

    2. @Jewelry Drake Yeah, and he could have not gotten anything at all for him as well? His choice?? Why people worry so much about what others do? What the heck are you doing for those who are in poverty anyway? Ah, let me think: Nothing, perhaps??

  5. ?You don’t understand homeless people’s pain. you don’t know what they have been through… you don’t know if they were struggling to live, you don’t know if they wanted to end it all.. This is why we help homeless people…. For the world and others! God would be proud… God bless everybody, and god bless the homeless… Please spread this message.?

  6. It always makes me cry when I see those little children out in the cold, no one should have to experience that. But it’s people like this that restore my faith in humanity.

  7. I’m not sure if everyone of them was actually homeless, but they did all seem to be struggling. Wonderful for you to help them.

    1. @Autumn Starr I mean I guess it’s obvious but I still didn’t want to assume since the title said homeless.

    1. It’s Colin. I’m from Boxford, US. I noticed from your comment that you must be a positive personality. Nice meeting you here. May I have the chance to know the Angel behind this beautiful face?

  8. Dude I’m crying. That kid who got the bike is going to remember this for the rest of their lifeZ when they’re in high school or college and having to write about their life they’re going to remember that and it just makes me so happy.

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