$100/Day Promoting a Free Book | ANY NICHE (Perfect for Beginners)

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and welcome to another addition of our Affiliate Marketing training.

I've been doing Affiliate Marketing for over 15 years. I've had multiple seven figure months and am the leading affiliate for some of the most popular software and services in the world.

So please believe me when I tell you that one of the BEST things you should focus on as an Affiliate Marketer is building your Email List.

It doesn't matter what niche you're in, what you want to sell, or who you want to sell it to – if you're not actively building your email list, you're missing out on the number one sales channel you can grow for your affiliate marketing business.

The question of course becomes, "What's the SMARTEST way to build my email list?" Well, I've found that no matter what kind of affiliate business you want to grow, giving away a Free Book is the fastest and most effective way to do it.

Today, I'm going to show you how to do this the write way, and how to pump out a quality book even if you hate writing or have zero graphic design skills.

It's all on today's episode – I hope you enjoy!


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27 thoughts on “$100/Day Promoting a Free Book | ANY NICHE (Perfect for Beginners)”

  1. Anthony Morrison

    I hope you’re thinking through how you can apply this strategy to your business but if you’re just getting started, go here to learn how you can partner with me and use all of my Done-For-You Books to promote to build your email list, and then a suite of products to sell to your email subscribers! http://free.partnerwithanthony.com/training

    1. My biggest question is… when advertising on facebook to give this free book – what is the best campaign strategy to use for optimal lead generation.

    2. Cheers Anthony – I joined PWA a few months ago & love your trainings, plus picked up your awesome #WebinarFuel offer when you released it – going thru the trainings there too & looking forward to building with it! 😊👍

  2. Modern Social Media Marketing

    As usual great information Anthony, but I am probably partial since I have been with you for about three years now. Nothing, and I mean NO THING, beats Success Connection on Thursdays!

  3. Kerry Fiona O'Driscoll

    Hello Anthony, thank you for all you do and share. 🙏 For a beginner to implement this strategy, how would one go about getting an initial list to email? Thanks Kerry 😊

  4. Great tips for building an e-mail list when you first start out, when you have been involved in e-commerce for a little while sometimes you forget there are millions and millions of people who have little or no knowledge in this space. Every one of us including you Anthony was a beginner at one point with no one on their e-mail list.

  5. Norberto Ochotorena

    Great video and awesome information. I could hear pounding of the ground in the background. Excavating for a pool? Either way it was a great video. Ironic that i first listened to this video when I have already written approx. 22 pages in my 1st book. I had planned on marketing it as you had described, but I have also included 4 affiliate links for publishing, etc. for anyone wanting to do the same thing I am doing. Which is writing a book and marketing it on audio. I have been a member if PWA and had to take a break to write my book and then work on another project that you inspired my to do. On my way to being “self made!”

  6. Braden Whitworth

    Another great video! Anthony, keep making these videos. They help me remember what you keep teaching us on Thursday nights and in your courses! 💥💥

  7. The Oz Affiliate

    I always order a Free book… My shelves are packed with them! And I’ve learned a little something from each one! 🙂

  8. Loved the video. You do such a fantastic job. If i wasn’t already a student, I would be one now. Thank You Anthony!!!

  9. these vids are amazing thank Antony ,already a student working on my list got 99 subs already only on module 13 ,so happy i joined PWA , but i’m playing the long game iknow it takes time to secure our future

  10. Anthony Zieseniss

    I have just had a great idea from listening to this of how to relate a book with solutions to problems experienced by a niche audience. Many thanks. #nevergiveup

  11. I love that you give examples from your own experience. Hearing your “survival” example was so much more helpful to me than hearing just the “theory.” Thanks.

  12. I never realized all the tests and tweaks involved in building an email list but the more I learn the more I do the more exciting it is.

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