7 Mistakes I Made In My First Store That Caused It To FAIL

The 7 big mistakes I made in my first online ecommerce store that made it FAIL…
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A business isn't a way to get rich fast. A business is simply when you learn to do these 3 things really well:

1) Creating or finding great products/services to sell.
2) Putting those products in front of the right customers.
3) Giving those customers a great reason to buy.

And each person will have their own journey to get there with a LOT of hard work & sacrifices along the way 💪👊

On this channel, we discuss all topics for ecommerce business owners (with a sprinkle of motivation thrown in too) to help them master these 3 things! On this channel, we offer:

* Case studies on successful ecommerce stores.
* Tutorials for apps & online tools.
* Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping).
* Sales psychology tactics to increase conversions & get customers to buy from you & to click on your ads.
* Videos to help you with the "legal stuff" (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc).

So if you are someone who is building (or want to build) a REAL business (especially with ecommerce) & want to follow channels with actionable content to help you along your journey & make your store even better, subscribe today! 🔥

49 thoughts on “7 Mistakes I Made In My First Store That Caused It To FAIL”

    1. Wow…. got lotz of thumbz up for ur interesting accent. Really enjoyable to watch ur vid I would say😃😄

  1. Thank you for bringing so much value Sarah! I watch your videos on a regular basis, it’s super informative and well made. I’m planning on joining the e-comm clubhouse on december as right now I’m growing other businesses; but on the meantime I have a huge file of all the notes I’ve taken from your YouTube channel.

    Cheers and greetings from Costa Rica 🙂

  2. 00:48
    Mistake one: I focused on selling products that had a limited lifespan.

    03:47 Mistake two: I focused on selling one-off products.

    06:22 Mistake three: I didn’t have any upsells.

    09:23 Mistake four: I didn’t have a reliable source of products.

    11:30 Mistake five: I was really lazy at shipping out my products.

    12:18 Mistake six: I was really bad at doing things that I didn’t want to do.

    13:37 Mistake seven: My store was not automated.

    Enjoy guys!

  3. I just wanted to thank you for your advice at the YouTube Festival, it was very enlightening and I’ve already joined up the Adobe affiliate program 😁 – Grant

  4. Yes you made mistakes, everyone does at first. The important thing is that you learned from them. You should get a lot of points just for stating a business at the age of 16! That in itself is amazing. And now you can help others by teaching them to avoid those mistakes! Good job, you are helping people AND making money! You go!

  5. “I was 16 and I was pretty dumb”

    Except she discovered multiple niche markets while all the other kids were probably getting high.

    1. Excellent video content! Excuse me for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you ever tried – Franaar enthuse grace Formula (just google it)? It is an awesome exclusive product for getting rid of constipation without the normal expense. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 after many years got excellent results with it.

  6. This is the most impressive story of business from a 16 year old that I’ve ever heard of. You may have been young and inexperienced, but you were definitely not dumb lol.

  7. “:::for many raisins…” ah my beloved new zealandianeseans and their wonderful pronounciation…. makes me giggle every time :D….. GREAT CONTENT by the way… very educational. please keep it up!!!

  8. Major Impact Fitness

    I just started my first store! Thanks for these videos I am really writing down what you are saying !!!!

  9. Anyway I would like to thank you because you inspire my entrepreneurial spirit once again. In our culture here in the Philippines, we are expected to have a job until we die. We are only respected when we have a job. I resigned because I wanted to explore and try alternative things…and yet after failing one time my mom told me how disappointed she is to me and that I’m just a lazy person who can’t go to work. Take note that I have a mental illness which is the main factor why I don’t enjoy the employment setup. I got stuck for what it seems like a long time…and I consider myself a failure all the time because of what my mom told me…but you reminded me of who I am. I am a woman who is not afraid to fall over and over because I know how to get back up everytime. I am a woman not afraid to take chances and risks because I don’t care what the world will say about my choices. The only reason why I was deeply hurt by my mom’s words was because it came from her, someone I care about and have a big weight in my heart. I decided last christmas to cut my emotional ties with my mom…and stop trying to please her and stop listening to whatever she has to say to me.

    But long story short…thank you. It’s been so long and I’ve forgotten who I truly am, until you reminded me of it. ☺

  10. you’re an adorable funny teacher! I had a teacher a bit like that when I was in college, and she used to be the most loved, and I think you deserve that kinda lovely support as well! The way you imply fun things to make things stick to our head is insanely great! I love your channel!

  11. Kudos on starting a business so young and then being able to pivot when it wasn’t working so well! Thank you for sharing your experience.

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