Create a Dropshipping Store with Shopify & Aliexpress (UPDATED Shopify Tutorial for 2019)

Watch our massively updated for 2019 Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping tutorial now!


►► STEP-BY-STEP Dropshipping Training Course:
►► Chrome App Store/Web Store:
►► Download Chrome:
►► Get a Logo On Fiverr: (aff link)


►► Why You AREN’T Making Sales:
►► 10 Things To Do BEFORE Dropshipping:

***TIMESTAMPS FOR EACH STEP*** – Skip ahead to the step you want to watch.

Step 1: Sign Up For The FREE Shopify 14-Day Trial 2:20
Step 2: Install The Free Shopify Theme Minimal 4:26
Step 3: Install The Oberlo Shopify App 5:40
Step 4: Install The Oberlo Chrome Extension 9:16
Step 5: Add Aliexpress Products To Your Store With Oberlo 10:24
Step 6: Add Product Collections 12:34
Step 7: Edit Your Product Pages 14:17
Step 8: Add FREE Trust Badges To Your Product Pages (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 20:49
Step 9: Add Free Shipping To Your Orders 22:37
Step 10: Set Up Shopify Payments & PayPal (BIG update for the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 25:11
Step 11: Add Branding To Your Store Checkout 29:14
Step 12: Create An About Us Page 31:26
Step 13: Create An Contact Us Page 33:44
Step 14: Add Menus To Your Store 34:23
Step 15: Create Your Store Design & Homepage 37:56
Step 16: Add A Store Favicon (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 44:13
Step 17: Add Facebook Messenger Livechat (NEW in the 2019 Shopify dropshipping tutorial) 45:13
Step 18: Select A Payment Plan 47:31
Step 19: Choose A Domain Name 48:44
Step 20: Send Your Store LIVE! 50:57

41 thoughts on “Create a Dropshipping Store with Shopify & Aliexpress (UPDATED Shopify Tutorial for 2019)”

  1. Soufiane Ech Chentouf

    Words not enough to describe how I’m grateful for all the valuable knowledge I learned from you. because of your first tutorial video, I created my store and started making sales. You’re the best, Sarah!

    1. @Soufiane Ech Chentouf 5oya soufiane goliya ch7al lbudget bach n9der nbda f shopify o wach mn depart nbda b facebook ads ola 7ta n3emr store mzyan bl products 🙏🏽

    2. Soufiane Ech Chentouf

      @Hgkil Ghkil 3la 7assab a khay. Ida konti mezian f marketing te9dar tebda ghi b 100$. Belhak Fb ads khesso budget kbir chwiya! F lowel mn a7san tekhdem m3a micro influencers d Instagram.

  2. 50ShadesofFandom

    I’m so excited to open my dropshipping store, thanks to you I’ve learned so many great things and I feel much more confident! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely leave a comment with my store info once it opens 😀

  3. Josh the Linguistic Vegan

    I feel like you’re actually the best content creator on YouTube when it comes to e-commerce and straight-forward explanations. Props!

  4. TWO UPDATES since this video has gone live.
    UPDATE 1: Oberlo no longer lets you input a credit card. That’s OK – when you fulfill an order with it, you’ll be able to use your credit card on Aliexpress. Just don’t worry about having to do this anymore 🙂
    UPDATE 2: Here is the Booster Facebook Livechat that we now recommend, it includes live chat functionality:

    1. Thank you soo much i was just struggling to find out sad pantang option. Plus i needed oberlo chorme extension.Thank you.i am.still struggling to set up. But your video is so helpful

    2. Sabrina Spelrem

      This is so hard to follow when my pages look nothing like yours! You have options I do not so I can’t do all of the steps and its frustrating me so much 🙁

    3. Sebastian Franklin Shaw

      brewed treats doesn’t actually exist though although it does have a Facebook page with less than 200 likes. Less than me. I have over 400 FB likes although I don’t really understand why.

  5. the value this video has for new beginners that are just venturing into the ecom dropshipping world, this is gold! thanks so much!

  6. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial, going through everything with us, and breaking down the entire process.

  7. Great tutorial, thankyou for this ! Can I ask have you seen Aliexpress suppliers offer paid shipping that is faster ? The 3-4 weeks sucks when you want the item faster.

  8. I’m going through your entire video pausing many times along the way. Thank you for making this video and being so thorough. I honestly cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU!!! <3

  9. Amazing tutorial! With everything explained in detail through this video, one can effectively create the Dropshipping store with Shopify and Aliexpress.

  10. Mangy White Bushman

    I just made my first sale!! Multiple items from ali plus a couple branded items from printify!! I followed everything stip by stip! Now I gotta figure out the sales funnels and all that other stuff you talk about. Maybe I’ll make it through winter after all!!

  11. THANK YOU FOR THIS. You rock! I’m getting into dropshipping and you have laid things out perfectly! You rock!

  12. Thanks for the tutorial! One question – if I’m shipping to a number of different countries and the supplier has different shipping rates for each country – how do I set the pricing of my products on my store? I want to offer free shipping on all products, however if for example I get an order from the US, it looks like they have a higher shipping cost versus Austrailia? How do I calculate a standard margin for this without making products too expensive. Any advice is appreciated 🙂

  13. Jennifer Boateng

    I’ve been literally stressed out for the past two days over all this drop shipping. I want to cry, I’m so glad I found your channel and this particular video. Thank you a lot

  14. يوميات نوب

    Thank you, I would like to recommended this app
    “Areviews ‑ Reviews Importer” it can import reviews from Aliexpress, Amazon and Shein and many more features
    I recommended any one to try the free plan

    1. ايه دا هو فيه باقه مجانيه فى Shopify بعد ال 17 يوم التجربه المجانيه ؟!
      لو فيه يا ريت تقوللى عشان انا مش هدفع 462 جنيه و 14 قرش كل شهر
      اللى هما أقل باقه بتاعت ال 29 دولار ! و شكرا مقدما 😀

  15. Fantastic video. Everyone needs to be patient and watch this all the way. I can’t believe this is for FREE. Literally FREE advice she just gave us. I can’t wait to open a few stores now.

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