DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING – Products that Will LOSE You Money)

We reveal 5 products that you should NOT dropship… if you don’t want to lose money!
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(SPOILER ALERT: Below we reveal why you shouldn’t be dropshipping these items… so if you want to play along and see what score you get, don’t read this!)

Why You Shouldn’t Dropship Product #1: Because It Has Very Few Reviews

The first Aliexpress product revealed in this video to avoid is very risky. It is tempting because it is making a lot of sales – indicating that there is demand for it. But with very few historical reviews, you don’t have enough information to know if a supplier will be good at fulfilling orders (especially if you start selling a lot).

Will the quality of the items go down as the production goes up? Is the supplier good at shipping this item out on time? How many people truly like the item that they receive? A small number of reviews isn’t enough to make an assessment on this.

It can be very tempting to sell items that have very few reviews – especially if it’s in a hot niche that lacks products. But I strongly recommend avoiding them because you’re risking getting refunds, disputes and chargebacks if the supplier can’t follow-through.

Why You Shouldn’t Dropship Product #2: Because it Contains Trademarks

This Star Wars mug is illegally using the Star Wars logo – a trademark they don’t have permission to reuse. Dropshipping this is very bad for two reasons:

1) The product will get removed from Aliexpress because it is illegal. It is only short-term money.
2) It’s illegal to sell it, and you are risking getting into trouble with the law by dropshipping it.

Why You Should Dropship Product #3: Because it’s VERY Boring & Generic

A lot of people ask us the same question: why would a customer purchase an item from your store at a markup, when they can go to Aliexpress or and buy it from there instead for cheaper? Won’t the potential customer price-check your item?

The answer to this is that they won’t… if you focus on getting the customer to IMPULSE BUY and on creating SCARCITY.

To get a customer to want to impulse buy, you need to make them have an emotional reaction to the item that they are seeing. They need to look at it and really, really want it. That is why the guitar mug that we featured in this video sells so well – because it’s the perfect item for someone the both plays guitar and loves hot drinks.

Scarcity is also very important. This is when you make the customer feel that they have a limited amount of time to take an action. A good way to create scarcity when dropshipping is to run limited-time-offers, e.g. you’ll sell the next 20 products at a 60% discount. This makes the customer take action and purchase it so they don’t miss out on the 60% discount. And, because they think they are already getting a good deal, they don’t bother to price-check the item against Aliexpress/

But with generic/boring products, it’s very difficult to make them impulse buy because the item is not very exciting and doesn’t appeal directly to something they love. In addition, it’s very hard to create scarcity because they can buy generic/boring products from anywhere cheaply. So stick to selling unique, original, special items.

Why You Shouldn’t Dropship Product #4: Because It Doesn’t Have ePacket Shipping

Make sure you ship items that have 2-3 week delivery options (like ePacket) so that customers get their items faster. This will make customer support a lot easier and you’ll get less emails from unhappy customers asking where their item is.

Why You Shouldn’t Dropship Product #5: It Has TERRIBLE Photos

Good photos showcase what is unique and special about an item. This item (electric bottle opener) does not do this at all. The unique element to this item is that you can watch the cork go up the bottle opener. However, the pictures do not show this at all. Instead, they are just photos of the actual product itself, which looks boring.

As a new dropshipper, you will want to take advantage of free stock photos that your supplier provides, which means that you need to focus on dropshipping (and testing) products that have great photos as they are the most important part of the ad and product listing.

How many points did you score? Let us know in the comments section below!

43 thoughts on “DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING – Products that Will LOSE You Money)”

  1. I’ve got a super embarrassing grand total of… *Drum roll* … 10!! I’m just a beginner, but still thanks Sarah, because your videos have taught me a lot! 🙂 Btw, I LOVED your dancing, made me smile every time!

    1. Luckily now that you’ve watched the video, if you get tested again, you’ll get a full 50 points 🙂

  2. PekelnyTvarohacek

    Great way to engage viewers with the points, keep it up, had too much fun being educated watching this haha!

  3. dogloverstoolbox

    Hey Sarah, I love your video sessions – so informative and your delivery style is super-cute. 🙂

  4. I’m very new to dropshipping, I found your videos while doing research. I never really leave comments on videos, but I had to say you have an amazing personality. You make learning these things fun, so I wanted to say thank you and keep doing what you do!

  5. This instructional video would have worked a lot better if the product ads where full screen to allow viewers to actually read them.

  6. Oscar Rodrigo Hernández Panczenko

    Got 0 points! LOL XD Thank you for such a video with so much added value and for making it interactive. <3 Best video for dropshipping I've seen so far.

  7. 5 points ? in saying that, I’ve been watching a lot of things about dropshipping which I’m keen to try to supplement income and love your videos. Thanks for all these, they really open my eyes to what to look for to counteract the multitude of fanciful reviews showing this as an easy, no work income source. Keep up the good work.

  8. I love how you showed those cat mugs as a product that’s good for drop shipping, because my mom bought them for me for Christmas last year for $20 through a Facebook ad and I actually love them ?

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