My Gratitude Log – 09 February 2018


This gratitude log is inspired by the book….’The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne

Here is my log for the day…….

1. I am so grateful for this day because of the possibilities and opportunities that it brings.

2. I am so grateful for my dentist offering to perform a follow-up procedure for free because that will save me money.

3. I am grateful for the 3 sales that I got on my eComm store yesterday because it is a proof that my efforts are being rewarded.

4. I am so grateful for Valerie at work because she works to provide the team with the necessary support.

5. I am so grateful for living in this part of the world because of the good weather year round and the piece of mind that we enjoy.

6. I am so grateful for our home because it provides us shelter.

7. I am so grateful for being able to go on walks in the morning because it makes me healthy and also gives me a ‘me’ time to reflect, and also listen to words of encouragement on my phone.

8. I am so grateful for technology because it speeds up the effort to get some things done.

9. I am so grateful for Chris and his staff at the Automotive Shop because they keep our cars in good shape.

10. I am so grateful for Coach Jesus because of his devotion to coach my 2 boys in the AYSO Spring soccer league.


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