How to Generate $10K/Month On YouTube WITHOUT Ads (No Follower Strategy)

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Think you need ads or followers to make money on YouTube? Let me show you a strategy I'm using to consistently make over $10K/Month posting simple 10-Minute videos online WITHOUT ads or a huge following.


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19 thoughts on “How to Generate $10K/Month On YouTube WITHOUT Ads (No Follower Strategy)”

  1. Yes, the intelligent way is to leverage youtube as a search engine, (which is what it is). Target your audience with affiliate links which is what they are searching for in the first place. Do you think your revenue was decreased with ads because the ads were distracting your target audience? Thanks for this video.

  2. Amar Rannar Mahal

    Such a incredible , intelligent with simple way and YOU TUBE purpose earn money, excellent, PWA it’s really helpful advice for best earn money expectations from those way. Much regarding to share it.

  3. Solid stuff Anthony. Already subscribed. Send me that vacation when you draw my name. I’m way overdue to wiggle my toes in the sand.

  4. But every channel that has a lower 1000 subscribers on youtube is running ads. So how can you turn off the monetize if youtube is always running ads?

  5. You would think a person like myself who steps up their game when handed a Mic, would have done something like this years ago. If you’ve Dj.d a House Party one night, Then stepped in for the Pastor on Sunday morning because he got sick, then this U tube thing should be a piece of Chocolate Cake!!!!!


    I want to start a youtube channel But I ‘m confused where to stare? Thanks Anthony, Share with us this thousand dollar Information. Love from India ❤

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