How to Make $100/DAY with FREE Traffic (TUTORIAL) – Print On Demand Tutorial with Etsy

Sarah takes $20 & shows how Etsy sellers are turning it into $100/day… PASSIVELY!

Get 1001 fonts that are free for commercial use:



A lot of people have requested that I posted my affiliate links so that they can register through them as a thank-you for my free tutorial content on YouTube. Thank you so much for your support! If you would like to use my affiliate links, I would greatly appreciate it as it enables me to keep making YouTube videos for free:


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63 thoughts on “How to Make $100/DAY with FREE Traffic (TUTORIAL) – Print On Demand Tutorial with Etsy”

    1. Silvana Carneiro

      English is not my first language, I don’t even know what that is lol I am just starting my T shirt Etsy shop, thank you for the video 🙂

    2. iHerb 2021 Best Deals And Promo Discounts

      @Wholesale Ted hey, does this method still relevant? Would it work today? Would appreciate your reply!

    1. THAT is the ultimate threshold that needs to be crossed. I hope things are going well since you posted your comment.

  1. Such a great and interesting video, and so much details as always! I never really thought of Etsy more than just being a place for people to buy quirky and unusual handmade jewelry things, that’s so cool that it’s now a whole new place to create this type of store. The more platforms and revenue streams the better! 😀
    Speaking of the llamas, I like your little llama statue in the back! And the Air New Zealand plane model to!

    1. They are both too cool not to notice! 😀
      I also like that the guitar and lense mugs are still around, they always give off a nice Wholesale Ted feeling

    1. A lot of the money spent on digital businesses goes towards advertising. So if you can find a way to cut that out (usually with search engines) you can save a lot 😀

  2. Parkhead Workshop

    “as you can imagine selling [handmade, customised items on etsy] is very difficult, so lets not do that”
    well, that’s no fun
    lets do do that

  3. We loved your video, Sarah! Thanks for mentioning us. You have some much FIRE for print on demand – Printify is literally amazed by you and happy to share the same passion. Can’t wait for the next videos. 🙂

  4. Thank you Sarah for this valuable information. I noticed that most stores having more reviews and sales are from the US. Is Etsy’s algorithm made to downgrade foreign stores or is it just because etsy is an American platform and most customers are too ?!

  5. I saw this video yesterday. Decided to put a logo on a mug for my friend’s tax business. Sent him a text of the mug. He wanted a dozen. ?

    1. That’s awesome!!!
      May I ask what POD company you use? I’m using Printful and Etsy but that means I have to list my mugs for $20 PLUS shipping paid by customer just so I can make approx $3 profit (depends on whether or not customer came via mandatory Etsy ads which are an additional 15%) thank you

    1. @Elisabeth Thanks for your question. I may have a grammatical error here but it was anyway written “mostly like copyright free proverbs”, not “most likely”. So, of course hundreds of years old proverbs are indeed copyright free and I’m saying that the products were MOSTLY that type of things, for example text-based proverbs, not anyone else’s graphics etc.
      And by the way, Etsy did put the shop back online after few weeks when they got the threat to be in front of USA government office regarding their bad business practises.

    2. Supreme Auto Skins

      @Luovamaailma glad to hear your business is up and running again. Im curious to know how you were able to “threaten” them? Did you send them an email saying im taking this matter to court? id like to know just in case they pull this move on me, I would be prepared for it.

    3. @Kryptosso X Still selling until this day 🙂 making a stable income (ofcourse including more then only etsy, iam also selling on a big dutch marketplace, like amazon)

  6. Revelino Dwitama

    I want to say thank you to Sarah and the team for making educational and motivating videos. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Sechelt Poultry

    This is my 3rd Sarah video today. Thank you I was in a slump. Just pure motivational and jarred my creative block. Thank you again Sarah 🙂

  8. Thank you for your awesome videos!

    question though!

    You mentioned having 5 friends each buy a different products with a discount code to boost 5 different products.

    Do you mean each buying 1 different product for 5 total sales or do you mean each friend each buying 5 products for a total of 25 products?

    If you meant each friend buying 1 product – Does this boost all your products that you are selling in that shop, or just those 5 items?

    Thank you for your advice!

  9. One question: if I replicate this method with the other POD platforms like Redbubble, Teespring, Teepublic etc. Is it possible to reach free traffic near to the Etsy or not?

  10. Steve Watso Music

    Hi Sarah, Great news, watched this video of yours 4 days ago, opened a store on etsy 2 days ago using printful print on demand, just got my first sale today! Thank you.

    1. Alina Seitbekova

      hello ! do you need to open legally a business company for that? to integrate payment systems? and how you deal with payments? integrated to paypal business account or how? thanks!

  11. Thank you Sarah!! I tried this last week and got my first sale this week with only 10 items listed on my Etsy shop. I went through printful and tried a cross niche. Your videos have been very helpful. Thank you for helping my start this journey.

    1. Alina Seitbekova

      hello ! do you need to open legally a business company for that? to integrate payment systems? and how you deal with payments? integrated to paypal business account or how? thanks!

  12. Affiliate Marketing - Slavik Kishka

    Totally agree. If you are a BEGINNER, you should NOT use paid ads to promote your designs.

    You should focus on the FREE Print on Demand websites(Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, Teespring, Teepublic, Spreadshirt, Zazzle) and upload as many designs as you can to these platforms.

    I personally create 10 designs per day. The only problem was the uploading time. It was like up to 7-8 hours a day. But fortunately I solved it)

    1. @Affiliate Marketing – Slavik Kishka why does uploading take so long? Is it the platform? Or have they set limits on free accounts or what?

    2. Hi @Affiliate Marketing Could you let us know if you are able to earn from the platforms by regular uploads? Thanks!

  13. The thing is that with this low an entry point and simple designs, everyone can do it, and this means that the competition is extremely wide

    1. Lifes a marathon not a sprint. The ones that succeed are typically the ones with the endurance to keep going. The vast majority of people dont so thats what you have to do.

    2. If you pick your niche and stick with it and do the right things, it doesn’t matter if a lot of people are in dropshipping because they are usually targeting a different niche from you

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