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Everybody tells you that you need to spend money to make money… and they couldn't be more WRONG.

Here's a method that's TOTALLY free and is currently paying me several thousand dollars each and every month without buying a single ad.


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21 thoughts on “I Pressed *One Button* & Made $3K/Month for FREE (Try This ASAP)”

  1. Patricia's Marketing Strategies

    Hey Anthony, as usual, the teaching nuggets you drop are pure gold! I’m continuing to follow the program and progressing every day. Thank you for all you do for your students, and I’m so glad to be amongst the masses.!

    1. Webby is the place where the webinar takes place. You’ll need it to watch it. It’s a safe program to use, I’ve used it a couple of times with his other webinars

  2. I never had any interest in Affiliate Marketing or understood it as a foundational element of web traffic — and now YouTube advertising and lead generation — until I heard Anthony tell his story this week on Eben Pagan’s event. And he tells his story again here, except he left out lil bro Adrian dropping law school to become the king of Ecom and Shopify stores. Two really focused entrepreneurs who’ve made it and teach it.

  3. Abram Paranormal Crew

    Doing your training. I love your video❀. I’m making absolutely no money on YT. Thank you😊

  4. I have followed you for a few years now and started PWA back in April 2021. You never fail to deliver the best value on everything you do. Can’t wait to see the webinar!

  5. Anthony, just wanted to know the price of $998.5 for your “Youtube builder biz program” is lifetime or annual? Any other monthly expenses other than this one time fees?

  6. I wish this stuff and making money online was as easy as Anthony and some others make it out to be! Godi can’t get anything to work. And I’ve already lost 900$, out of my pocket trying to get something going for myself. One of those things happens to be the PWA program. I purchased that program and it hasn’t got me anywhere at all. And they claim they will return my money or that they will pay me 250$ if it ends up not working for me. Which it hasn’t and I’m definitely not made of money and that 900$ I invested has really hurt my pocket alot. πŸ€”πŸ˜’

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