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20 thoughts on “It’s time.”

  1. Congratulations Anthony! Happy New Year! Blessings to you and your family!Change is good, better to do it sooner than later!

  2. All who here this are blessed Anthony Bliss is what every one should here it will make adiffence in your life, happy new yearmr. An Mrs Anthony Morrison an “EMERALD”

  3. Food Fit And Living

    Cheers Anthony, Happy New Year to you and your family. 2022 will definitely be a year of change.
    Albert bertoldi

  4. Hey Anthony, you are absolutely right, It’s time for a change. I was just thinking about my past and where I’m at today . I can honestly say that I’ve made a change and a difference in my Life sense back then, My goal in 2022 is to make a bigger change. Making a change does make a difference. Im making a better change, in 2022, A better Lifestyle in my health, my income, and my business.Moving forward to 2022, Making that awesome change 2022, Thanks Anthony awesome Podcast.Congrats again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. Thanks for giving me a great chance ! I’m excited and it’s going to be awesome !! Thanks again and happy new year Anthony !^^

  6. I would love to but there’s no money to do anything. It’s not that I don’t want to it’s that I don’t have any access to money or anyway to get financing so it’s a moot issue.

  7. For those who haven’t decided what type of business to start, your thoughts about what has and has not thrived during the pandemic are gold. I appreciate your analytical and thoughtful approach to questions and problems. Thank you.

  8. I do agree it is time to change and to start the New Year strong. I have used the time to change my focus on the future by joining the Success Connection and I have also been going through a health program to improve my health and I’m ready to do what ever it takes to change my financial position. Happy New Year Anthony, thank you for all you’re doing for us.

  9. Yes, everything has slowed down due to the pandemic. I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere, so have gotten back on the path I started on. I need a side hustle though, to finance this change, because I have lost a lot of money when I went astray. PWA looks like the right way to go, so I intend to Focus on it. Happy New Year to the Morrison family!

  10. Really good advice for anyone going into 2022! Everyone needs this advice! Thanks for always overdelivering. I’m very grateful for training you have provided me! Happy New Year!

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