Make Money Online With Facebook Fan Pages [$200 a Day]

Can you really earn $200 – $400 per DAY with a Facebook Fan Page that you can launch for Free? Check this video to see how I did it in the travel niche and how you can do it in just about any niche.

πŸ’° Learn How to Copy & Paste My 8 Figure Business from Scratch (Even if You Don't Have Anything to Sell):

Hey, I'm Anthony Morrison, and I'm going to show you how you can consistently make $200 – $400 per DAY using a Facebook Fan Page WITHOUT using any Facebook or Youtube Ads.

I went into the travel niche for this but you can literally choose anything that interests you in any industry you'd like.

Now just because this is a simple method doesn't mean it's easy. There are 3 things I learned along the way that can take this from being a total flop that gets zero attention, to a money making machine you can run from anywhere.

Check out my other videos on the Anthony Morrison channel where I go step-by-step on the ways to make money in 2020 and the best work from home jobs!

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29 thoughts on “Make Money Online With Facebook Fan Pages [$200 a Day]”

  1. Another fantastic youtube. A fan page makes alot of sense. Thank you again Anthony Morrison for a great training session. A+

  2. That sounds good, as long as you in fact give away a trip. It seems like a very easy method. Thanks for the training!

  3. Love my Fan Page Domination! Anthony is sincere – sounds corny I know AND I am not a corny dude. He consistently steps up to the mic and over-delivers. I no longer look for greener grass.

  4. Thanks for the great training video Anthony. Your knowledge and energy during your presentation is inspiring. I look forward adding Facebook Fan Pages to my online business and watch that e-mail list grow!!

  5. The Crazy Cat Dude

    Facebook and email marketing is the way to go I’m convinced. Advertising, fan pages, etc. Glad to have Anthony as a coach!

  6. Anthony, another great idea! I love the potential email list that an offer like this can make. You made this opportunity clear and to the point. It will take some work to keep a fan page interesting,
    But the value in return is priceless. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks so much for breaking down info like this so simply @AnthonyMorrison πŸ‘ I’ve been wondering how best to build & promote some pages on fb I have a passion for – just getting started with PWA this week & looking forward to everything coming up! Cheers mate! 😊🌟

  8. Maria Cerqueira

    Thank you Anthony for another inspiring and knowledge power video! You are amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing! Keep inspiring more and more people!

  9. Man Anthony you are a very Powerful coach. Most of these type of channels end up confusing and difficult to reach.

  10. Awesome Traffic Overload

    Hi Anthony, Loved the video. I remember you teaching this a few years ago (but admittedly forgot all about this method) & yes friends this is an awesome way to build a large list over a year. Thank You & please keep it up.

  11. Deveron Crawford

    This is one of the most value packed videos I’ve seen. I also recognize that I only appreciate the power in this video because I’ve learned what business assets truly are and how profitable they can be. This really feels like the secrets that most people would charge money to share. Thank you for being generous enough to share what you’ve learned with us.

    I’m a PWA member by the way. Just got to module 3.

  12. Sounds so exciting. I got some good ideas from this video as well as others. Thank you! I wish you could personally coach me, but still, I’m benefitting, at my beginner level.

  13. I love this idea… my biggest challenge is that I’m in a niche that a lot of people are weird about sharing… the dating advice niche (for women). Any ideas on a giveaway that would make sense in this niche or does it not really matter as long as it’s women who are attracted to the giveaway?

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