👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

Do NOT start dropshipping until you've watched this video…

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A business isn't a way to get rich fast. A business is simply when you learn to do these 3 things really well:

1) Creating or finding great products/services to sell.
2) Putting those products in front of the right customers.
3) Giving those customers a great reason to buy.

And each person will have their own journey to get there with a LOT of hard work & sacrifices along the way 💪👊

On this channel, we discuss all topics for ecommerce business owners (with a sprinkle of motivation thrown in too)!

* Case studies on successful ecommerce stores.
* Tutorials for apps & online tools.
* Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping).
* Sales psychology tactics to increase conversions & get customers to buy from you & to click on your ads.
* Videos to help you with the "legal stuff" (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc).

So if you are someone who is building (or want to build) a REAL business (especially with ecommerce) & want to follow channels with actionable content to help you along your journey & make your store even better, subscribe today! 🔥

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56 thoughts on “👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

    1. @Billysbox You’ll just need to do it manually or set it up yourself.

      Here’s dropshipping simplified:
      Customer pays you
      You pay supplier
      Supplier mails to customer

      If the company can’t be automated, use the client’s mailing address as the shipping address.

  1. I literally love your videos, took notes, and I WONT GIVE UP! Good luck to everyone taking a chance on themselves for a better future😤🤑

  2. “Most people want fast easy money, not actually learn how to make real money.” .. That’s why most people fail.

    1. If they want fast money try the lottery and cross your finger, if you want long term success with the right mindset and consistency anyone can make it with E-commerce, believe that.

  3. Thank you for all the tips!! Opened my etsy store 2 days ago, followed basically all your tips (from various videos), and already have 3 sales!

    1. Surreal Nirvana hello, could I ask you a few questions? I am trying to start something but I’m quite lost in terms of how to fulfill orders in Shopify and send them to our supplier and choose the shipping method?

  4. I started dropshipping last month. Ive got seven sales if it wasn’t for this channel I would’ve probably failed in the first week. I cant wait to grow!!

  5. There are lots of people who will pay a higher price thinking the product is better because it costs more. Someone might believe the $4 coffee is better than the $3 cup and even feel better sipping the $4 coffee.

  6. The level of educated articulation in this video is so far beyond other dropshipping YouTubers, it blows my mind. Thanks for bringing such a breath of fresh air to a content niche oversaturated with empty words and hot air!

  7. I absolutely LOVE how straight and no bullshit you keep these videos. Will you start making money straight away? Possible, but unlikely. Is this a quick fix to all your financial problems? Nope. PATIENCE. It’s truly amazing that these videos are free. Thank you so much. I also love it when you call out all the ‘gurus’ and their bullshit.

  8. I needed this – especially the not giving up part! I’m working on not being that 99% (even if it takes me many shops and money later) I want to be that 1%!!!

  9. wow really good job! watching this video wants to make engage so much, probs!
    This coffee example comparing to scammers. Pure gold! At which university do you teach economics ?

    1. I mean the coffee example is kinda tricky tho. You don’t know the expenses behind those coffees. Maybe Coffee store A pays their workers less, maybe coffeestore B has more expensive coffee beans. Different products. With dropshipping they’re the same products, namely the products from AliExpress.
      I wouldn’t say it’s a scam, because in the end, you get the product you bought. But notice how she left out the “for immoral sellers” part…

    2. @Marie Verlinden i wouldn’t say it’s immoral. After all, the people they targeted are willing to pay for the products so what’s wrong?

    3. @Marie Verlinden I’m gonna agree with Alexandra here. The customer can just as well go to a different store.. or.. no store for that matter. No one said they had to spend money in the first place; but most customers who are looking to spend money and see a product that is unique, or that would solve a problem, sitting in front of them; it is “easier” to just purchase from said merchant (you) than it is to scour the web for a better deal (in some people’s eyes). Someone is going to make money from selling a product for profit; why can’t that someone be you, instead of your boss (assuming you are an employee), who does that very thing?

    4. @Marie Verlinden Buyers have every right to click away and not buy the product of “immoral sellers”. If all the details are made clear to them and they decide to make the purchase anyway, how are the sellers being “immoral”?

  10. I’ve watched HOURS of videos on getting started with drop shipping and you literally explained more, more clearly and in less time, than any others. Great video!

  11. 14:15 When someone tells you this, you know they’re passionately trying to teach you something. Big respect!

  12. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life, that’s why I succeed.
    ~ Michael Jordan

  13. I love the way you went over everything. There is always room for one more. And the negative will always try to talk over the positive. The facts are that not everyone is capable of everything. I recently started myself and am learning the ropes. Keep the facts coming, we need the facts and truth instead of negative BS from people who have failed.

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