How to Create a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store with Oberlo [UPDATED 2018 TUTORIAL]

Learn how to create a Shopify dropshipping store! Timestamps to each step are in the description.
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This video tutorial contains 16 steps. Click on the timestamps below to skip to each individual step:

Step 1: How to Create a Free Shopify Trial – 2:02
Step 2: How Install the Theme Minimal – 4:29
Step 3: How to Install Oberlo & Update It’s Settings – 5:35
Step 4: How to Install the Oberlo Chrome Extension – 7:26
Step 5: How to Add Products with Oberlo – 8:10
Step 6: How to Edit Product Pages – 10:48
Step 7: How to Add Collections – 17:13
Step 8: How to Add Shipping – 18:14
Step 9: How to Setup Shopify Payments – 20:14
Step 10: How to Setup the Checkout Page – 21:56
Step 11: How to Add an About Us page – 22:36
Step 12: How to Add a Contact page – 23:29
Step 13: How to Add Menus – 24:09
Step 14: How to Customize Theme & Homepage – 27:25
Step 15: How to Add a Domain Name – 32:56
Step 16: How to Remove the Store Password – 34:33


Question: I can’t understand your accent. Are you speaking English? Where are you from?

Answer: Yes, I am speaking english! I am from New Zealand. Because my accent can be difficult to understand (and also because we want this video to be accessible to people that can only read English, and to be respectful to the deaf community) we include captions on our videos including this one. Simply click the CC button to have captions turned on so you can read along with the video.

Question: I can’t get Chrome! Can I not use Oberlo?

Answer: There is a work-around using the Oberlo app. Watch my last year’s video to see how else you can use it to add products to your store:

Question: Which version of Shopify should I purchase?

Answer: For most people, the normal $29/month plan (Shopify Basic) is great. The additional features of the more expensive $79/month plan (Shopify) are good once you start earning $5,000+ a month. You can upgrade to it later as your store makes money.

Question: Does this work if you live outside of the USA?

Answer: Yes, it does! As I said, I am from New Zealand. I understand that a lot of tutorials are designed around USA citizens and that can be frustrating. Don’t let the fact that you live outside the USA stop you from building a dropshipping business!

Inside our membership, The Dropship Club, we go deeper into some of the challenges that non-USA dropshippers face and give you practical, step-by-step solutions on how to overcome them.

Question: Will customers really wait this long (2-4 weeks) to receive their items?

Answer: Yes, they will – if you warn them in-advance. It is good to add it to your product description and bold it. In a real dropshipping store, this is what I would do. We have a video which explains this here:

Question: Won’t customers go to Aliexpress/ and purchase the items I’m selling and purchase from there since it is cheaper/faster?

Answer: This is where marketing is key. When creating your product page copy, make sure that it looks the potential customer immediately. That is also why it’s key to be careful about how you choose your Facebook targeting, and be careful about which Instagram influencers you choose to work with for your shoutouts. You want to make sure that you’re advertising to an audience that is super-targeted for the product you are selling, so that when they see it, they get so excited that the buy it then-and-there as an impulse purchase.

This is something that we also discuss in the video, Why Long Shipping Times Don’t Matter.

Question: Do you have any recommendations for marketing stores?

Answer: Yes. My preference is with Facebook ads. Some other great methods are Instagram Influencers & SEO. That is only the beginning though. There are plenty of other ways to advertise stores (including Google ads, building Facebook fan pages etc). I recommend picking one and focusing on it as a beginner.

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32 thoughts on “How to Create a Shopify Aliexpress Dropshipping Store with Oberlo [UPDATED 2018 TUTORIAL]

  1. You are so awesome! You almost immediately became my new favorite teacher. So many great tips. Thanks, Sarah!

  2. Very helpful. Thank you! My questions are, once I fulfill the order – do I have to pay AliExpress or take any further steps? Or do they automatically deduct the cost price from my sale price when processing orders and send it out? 

    Secondly, if I have a mixture of products (high shipping costs) + Aliexpress products, how can I edit my shipping settings since I want them to be different for each? Thanks!

    1. @Wholesale Ted Now, what Happens if you pay for the item with Ali express using your own personal Credit card with your name on it but it has the customers address and your credit card gets Declined Because its a different address then whats connected to your Credit card,… then what the customer doesn’t get there Item :-/

    2. @Wholesale Ted Im confused how we even Contact Ali Express to get the Right items to the Customer isnt aliexpress in China?…. its not like we can just call out to China,… :-/

    3. @Lindsey Shaffer ali express accepts the payment from your card, as it’s done through oberlo and the items are sent to your customer

    4. @Heinrich Walker yes that’s why they recommend you use credit cards when starting your e-commerce business cause payments can take days to process and you want to ship it ASAP.

  3. Sarah you are terrific! I have waiting a long time for this. I’ve spent months in trying to set up my on-line with Shopify without getting nowhere, but road block. You have given me hope, and courage to start again. Thank you.

  4. Can you please make a video about what you have to do step by step when you’ve got your first order? Great content by the way!!👌

  5. Hey Sarah. I love your videos. They are so informative and helpful. It shows that you really enjoy what you do and you enjoy helping others as well. Thanks again.

  6. THIS TUTORIAL WAS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Now I just need to learn again how to add featured products for the homepage. something keep going wrong

  7. Hi Sarah! Great stuff as always thanks!
    Just wanted to mention that there’s a slightly quicker way to add menu items in the Navigation section. In this vid, you write the name of the link you want and then select the collection you want to link it to. However, if you FIRST select the collection you want to link, the Name field will autocomplete. As the collection name and the link name is usually identical, you do half the work (especially important for those with several collections!). x

  8. Wow this was the most thorough tutorial for setting up. I spent the entire week trying to figure out the details on updating the collections page and navigating it. Huge help thank you

  9. This was really helpful! I feel like my store will never go live because I have to go back and fix so many mistakes like products imported that didn’t have any sales or reviews..but I am very thankful I have this information and feel so much better about it! I found many substitutes but the editing and writing descriptions is overwhelming. Would love more help on descriptions or if possible, when I am done, a critique? 😉

  10. This video was so informative. I did, however, write the return policy in my own words (customers never understand the policy if it’s written too technical) and I also modified the Privacy policy as there were fields there that needed to either be filled in or omitted.

  11. Hi Sarah… I set up my shop following your example. Thank you so much for making this video!
    I have questions about customers purchases. The purchase money goes to PayPal… then Shopify automatically purchases stock from my credit card?? Can I make the charges to my card manual so i can be sure the money is in there before I purchase? I kinda wish the money coming in was the same account as the money going out… that way I don’t have to keep making transfers… and waiting 5 days for PayPal to do it!!! Also… does Shopify hold money for 21 days like Ebay?? Iv’e never had any complaints from any customers, but Ebay always withholds my money for 21 days… it’s really annoying because its slowing down the growth of my business! But soldier on i will! Thanks again for your great videos! 🙂

  12. So so very helpful, Thank you! I am in Canada so it’s great to see the tutorial from New Zealand instead of the US, I also have more than one business upstart; your knowledge about where email address connects is invaluable, keep it up. 🙂

  13. Thank you so much for this ❤… Love the way you explain everything step by step…you make it easy for newbies like me:)

  14. You are amazing and I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put into your videos. You are making an impact on so many peoples’ lives (including mine) and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

  15. I finally did it. Cut expenses, took notes and followed your steps to create my store this evening. Thx Sarah!

  16. I follow along to this tutorial and it took me nearly 3 weeks to finalize it. It takes a long time to create the product descriptions, select the products etc!! I pray to God this works!!!!

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