My Quotes of Thankfulness: Gratitude Log – 19 February 2018

This gratitude log is inspired by the book…’The Magic‘ by Rhonda Byrne and this Daily Mastermind (Freedom) Call

Here is my log for the day…….

1. I am so grateful for this day because of its promise and possibilities.

2. I am so grateful for the good nap I took yesterday because my body needed it and I felt good afterwards.

3. I am so grateful for being able to go on a walk this morning because it feels good after exercising.

4. I am so grateful for my online business because of the good and exciting times ahead.

5. I am so grateful for the sale I got yesterday on my eComm store because the excitement makes me look forward to more sales.

6. I am so grateful for my co-workers because they make the workplace a happy place.

7. I am so grateful for the TAGR masterminds and all the participants and contributors because I know I’m aligned with like-minded people.

8. I am so grateful for the bond that I share with Francisca and the kids because it makes a good feeling.

9. I am so grateful for where my life is headed because of the clarity and definiteness of purpose.

10. I am so grateful for technology and how we can pick up the phone and call people miles and miles away because that keeps us connected.


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