My Quotes of Thankfulness: Gratitude Log – 21 February 2018

This gratitude log is inspired by the book…’The Magic‘ by Rhonda Byrne and this Daily Mastermind (Freedom) Call

Here is my log for the day…….

1. I am so grateful for this day because it is a special day with miracles all around me.

2. I am so grateful for Riz, Diana and Kimberly for reacting to my video about my Gratitude Log yesterday because it made know my friends on FB liked it.

3. I am so grateful for having a car because I can go from point A to B in a flash.

4. I am so grateful for my friend Carlos because he paid for the group lunch when we went out for lunch yesterday.

5. I am so grateful for my eyes because I can see and go about my daily activities.

6. I am grateful for Riz at Rapid Creator because he is always responsive to my questions/requests.

7. I am so grateful for the opportunity to sign up with Spectrum for my internet/TV/phone services because of the savings associated with it.

8. I am so grateful for the man who gave me his parking ticket at the soccer game a few weeks ago because it saved me parking fees.

9. I am so grateful for the initiative habits that Jason has been displaying recently because it helps prepare him for life.

10. I am grateful for Kristian Craige and Rita Joye Gray for composing the songs played on TAGR Daily Mastermind calls because the songs are inspiring and motivating to never give up no matter what!


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