The NEW Way to do Affiliate Marketing | $1.8M in Commissions

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Hey, Anthony Morrison here I wanted to tell you how I recently earned $1.8M in Affiliate Commissions WITHOUT using Clickbank.

Now, someone recently asked me in the comments why I'm always saying "Without Clickbank" in my videos…

First of all, Clickbank the most searched for Affiliate Network on Youtube so it helps my rankings. πŸ˜‰

Second, I want to show people that while Clickbank is a GREAT opportunity to make money online and work from home, there are other high-converting programs that aren't as saturated. Meaning, there is far less competition selling the same product.

But most important, I wanted to share a new twist on doing Affiliate Marketing that is MUCH different than what most people are doing these days.

See, most Affiliate Marketers sell products that provide information so they create ads or make posts or record videos to help them sell this info.

My strategy is different. I sell products that allow me to give information away for FREE. This is truly how you "lead with value" and it's the cornerstone of my entire affiliate business.

Watch today's video to learn how it's done, then click the link above to my new training that allows you to plug yourself into my system and do the exact same thing I'm teaching you on this video.


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25 thoughts on “The NEW Way to do Affiliate Marketing | $1.8M in Commissions”

    1. Thank you Anthony for sharing the values. I am in your PWA program and have attended many many of your webinars. Thank you for creating the amazing software.

  1. Richard Perovich

    First, congratulations on your Click Funnels commissions. I’m in t he PWA program and it does offer a ton of value. I would however, say the PWA is not just for beginners. I think it can also be of value to moderate and maybe even expert on line businesses and affiliate and email marketers. Thanks for this video!

    1. Richard Perovich

      @akavitsuma Well, I do highly recommend Partner With Anthony. It’s great for beginners. Lays out what you need to have an on line and email marketing business. You can use clickbank also.

  2. Larry D Alford

    Thanks Anthony, Awesome video, and you just gave me Meaning to one of my goals. You give #EndlessValue

  3. ashley pullman

    Hi Anthony, once again another great video. I love how you take ‘thinking outside the box’ and turn it into $$$$$. Cheers, Ashley

  4. I’ve followed & joined PWA along with #WebinarFuel now, because of the valuable info & education you give @AnthonyMorrison πŸ‘πŸ’Ÿ This is so much better than when I have struggled on my own in the past – THANKS for helping me put the pieces together!! πŸ§©πŸŽ‰

  5. Great follow up on the PWA program. I just joined and already I see the value. Clickfunnels however is NOT a cheap software by any stretch of the imagination. the 2 week trial is just barely enough to get you started. Good thing the PWA program does provide some done for you funnels thru Click Funnels, so at least it starts off by getting huge hurdles out of the way thereby saving your 2 week trial!

  6. Thank you, Anthony, for being consistent with your message in creating value for your customers in whatever business you are in. It has opened mind to think about how I can look after all my present and future customer’s in the same way.

  7. This is pure Gold. Thanks Anthony. I have been watching your videos for a while now.
    But today’s lesson is bomb. It just made me to subscribe.
    Once again thanks

    1. Mohammed Shiji S

      He really teaches step by step, if you follow his modules in PWA program, it will help you to learn digital marketing.i am a student of him, now reached 18th module, it’s really interesting. It’s like theory and practical. Anthony’s classes are good.if you think you can do digital marketing, then give it a try. . .

  8. Great video. I love to be able to back you (the video) up and review what you have said and pause to make notes.

  9. Clickbank can be a real challenge because there is so much content. Having a way to lead in and find your way through it thanks, Anthony.

  10. Thanks Anthony , your videos are really helpful . I am ready to take the program but the problem is how to find the customers ! All affiliate superstars like you don’t tell how to bring clients . Do you teach this method ?

  11. But the point is how do you promote that training, on which platforms, through which means, and how much money it takes at the end of the day to put your free course infront of the interested people for it to be viable. Would really appreciate a response, anyways great video btw!

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