3 Things Gurus DON’T TELL YOU About Aliexpress Dropshipping…

We reveal what the “gurus” don’t tell you about dropshipping with Aliexpress…
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So yes… it’s lots of fun to talk about the fancy things we’ve bought with dropshipping money (sports cars, fancy vacations) but it’s a lot less fun to talk about things like…

* Getting banned on PayPal
* Chargebacks
* And refunds.

Luckily, all of these things have simple solutions and can be avoided – as long as you know what to do in-advance. Here is how to overcome these obstacles when creating your Aliexpress dropshipping store.

#1: How to Not Get Banned on PayPal

Everyone has heard the horror stories of people having their PayPal accounts banned and losing tens of thousands of dollars. It’s key when dropshipping to avoid having your PayPal account being banned.

A lot of people say that PayPal “doesn’t like dropshipping” – but this simply isn’t true. What PayPal doesn’t like is it’s customers being lied to or tricked to.

And we regularly see new dropshippers being shady when it comes to one thing in particular… the long shipping times.

New dropshippers assume that they’ll need to not be honest when it comes to the shipping times to make sales. But this isn’t true. Long shipping times don’t affect conversion rates as much as you’d think – what they do affect is how much customer support you need to provide.

It is very important that you are upfront with customers and set their expectations clearly in the beginning, because this is the biggest reason for PayPal disputes – and it is PayPal disputes that will get your account frozen and banned.

Here is what we recommend you do to be upfront about the long shipping times:

1) Add a disclaimer that shipping will take 2-4 weeks in the product page, and BOLD it.
2) Add a disclaimer in the customer confirmation email. Be clear it will be 2-4 weeks before it arrives and to please be patient.

Being honest is the key to winning PayPal disputes. Losing disputes is how your account will be banned, and your money frozen.

#2: How to Avoid Getting Chargebacks

Credit card companies allow customers to do a chargeback if they have been the victim of a fraudulent transaction. If you are shown to have fraudulently charged them, that is very serious.

There are two main reasons that customers claim chargebacks on Aliexpress dropshipping stores:

1) They don’t recognize the transaction on their credit card statement.
2) They are unhappy about something – usually the long shipping times.

The first is very easy to avoid. If you are using Shopify, when setting up Shopify Payments, make sure you have the name of your store in the Statement Descriptor box.

The second is trickier. Again, you’ll get a LOT less chargebacks if you are upfront and honest with the customer about them. Be sure to set the expectation up front.

But no matter what – any business that is dealing with credit cards should be expecting chargebacks. That is another reason why it’s very important to be upfront with the customer from the beginning with shipping times. If you were upfront, then you should easily win as you can provide proof they knew what they were purchasing:

* You can link them to your product page with your clear disclaimer.
* You can provide screenshots of the page with the disclaimer.
* You can send a copy of the customer confirmation email, outlining shipping times.

In addition, if you use ePacket as your shipping option (which we strongly recommend) you’ll have a tracking number you can provide to show the package is on-route to the customer.

But no matter what, chargebacks are a paid. So there is something else I strongly recommend that you do…

You encourage communication between you and the customer. In your follow-up emails, stress that if they are having any problems, to please contact you immediately. This way, you talk to and calm any upset customers before they attempt to do a PayPal dispute or a chargeback.
#3: How to Handle Refunds when Aliexpress Dropshipping

We strongly recommend that you have a strict refund policy in place that only allows refunds for items that are faulty or broken. Do not allow refunds for people that have simply changed their minds.

In addition, protect yourself by creating a page that has your refund policy on it, and link to it in the store footer. That way, it will be on every page in your store so customers don’t have an excuse for not having read it.

Remember: there are solutions to every challenge and every stumbling block. With research and common sense, you can overcome anything. Successful, rich individuals see these challenges as opportunities. What will you choose to see them as?

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37 thoughts on “3 Things Gurus DON’T TELL YOU About Aliexpress Dropshipping…

  1. Sarah I LOVE this video – you hit the nail on the head. PayPal DOES NOT mind drop shipping UNLESS you aren’t transparent with your Shipping times!

    1. I won’t lie, I don’t buy stuff at this point if I can’t find shipping times, because I know I won’t receive my items forever.
      Bad business.

    2. @Dan Dasilva This is how you make real money online. It’s the digital version of natural selection. Without it, every collage twerp and their dog would succeed at robbing people of their money by selling “courses” that run you in circles and eventually tell you to sell courses to other victims as they did to you.
      Malicious? Some people call it justice.

  2. exactly…the business set-up and preparation type of stuff I keep hearing of that nobody explains! Great Value…Just earned a new follower…TY!

  3. This is by far the most important video I’ve seen from you yet (or from anyone in the ecom space for that matter). You’ve got a permanent spot on my wall of remote mentors.

  4. I have watched her a years and it is about time I told her that she makes some of the most honest and helpful videos out there. And I thank you Sarah.

  5. Hi Sarah – I just love your information so far – and how you did NOT big note yourself like so many of the so-called gurus do. Keep at – I love your fresh approach!

  6. The 1st 2 minutes of the video had me. Her trustworthy nature had me. Essentially — she had me at hello. Subscribed.

  7. the first person I’ve seen who actually tackled the complaints /refunds side of online business, albeit briefly. Well done!

  8. Very informative and “motivating”! At the same time. She just might pull it off and get me out of 8 to 6pm hell hole of a job.

  9. Sarah, I have watched a lot of your videos and they are ALL brilliant! I have been in sales for many years and find myself agreeing with on every single point you raise. Some people just don’t get the sales process and do not even have any common sense – which is all it is. Again… your videos are brilliant!

  10. I really appreciate all of this information you are giving. This is good stuff to know. I am planning on setting up my own drop shipping store soon. I liked your video and I subscribed to your channel. I will be checking out some of your other video’s as well. Keep up the good work.

  11. I am so proud to be a member of The Drop Ship Club. Granted it is taking me a long time to begin, BUT look at all the amazing things I am learning. Thank you!

  12. I love these videos. They apply to so much more than just drop shipping. I have a small local home based business and just started an online business. I’ve been looking at drop shipping because it seems interesting. But everything I’ve seen in your videos so far, I can apply to my other businesses too.

  13. Thanks so much for this video Sarah. I’m in the process of setting up my store until I saw this video. It’s a perfect heads up for me on what to expect on dropshipping that it’s not all that goody easy fun stuff that most videos/”gurus” are saying. I like your honesty.

  14. I absolutely love your tips , and your honesty , and your down to earth sincerity when giving out advice. I can honestly believe and feel absolutely confident about ur advice. You just got yourself another subscriber and your absolutely cuter than a button

  15. Thank you so much for being so honest in your videos, I feel I can really trust your advise and it’s very inspiring 🙂 I really want my businesses to provide a great experience for people, and your videos are so helpful in getting to grips with all the tricky bits! I’m a newbie at all this but really excited about what I could grow! I just need to keep that ‘shiny object syndrome’ in check! 😂 Thanks so much again, Donna x

  16. I love your videos however I must add something about chargebacks. I have had about 7 in the space of a year and lost all but one. There’s something called chargeback fraud where a buyer claims it was fraudulent when it wasn’t. You ship the order and then you’re the victim of “buyer’s remorse” or just plain fraud on their part. Shopify charges you £10 on top of the money you’ve already lost. Even after uploading evidence supporting my case, I have still lost several chargebacks. I’m very transparent about shipping times too. I think it needs to be said that you can not prevent every chargeback as there are some deceitful customers out there trying to rip us off!! After almost 2 years running an otherwise profitable store, I’ve had enough. Even if it’s clear to customers how long shipping times will be, it’s still a massive headache dropshipping from China.

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