8 Steps to the PERFECT Webinar (THIS DID $50M+ IN SALES)

Ready to learn how to build the perfect webinar for your new product, course, or affiliate offer?

Watch the video, take notes, and learn the exact eight steps I've used to earn over $50M through webinars.

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Hi I'm Anthony Morrison and I've sold over $50M in courses just from webinars alone. I also host a LIVE webinar every week for thousands of my students so I've got some experience and I believe I've locked down the perfect 8 step framework that you'll want to use for your next webinar or video sales letter.

Watch til the end and let me know in the comments if you've learned something, if you'd like to see more like this, and what you want me to talk about next!


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21 thoughts on “8 Steps to the PERFECT Webinar (THIS DID $50M+ IN SALES)

  1. The steps are short and packed with instructions that will allow some practice for me, but doable. Thank you for the value you always provide with your digital marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing teachings.

  2. I will definitely have to take notes! And re-watch this. I wish more would have been discussed with doing a live vs a pre-recorded automated Webinar

  3. I hadn’t thought of it this way before, but structuring a webinar so it sells is actually a science, with a formula of its own. You’ve made this easy to follow and understand. Your example of an effective “transition” was terrific. Thank you.

  4. Thank you for the 8 steps. Now I see what you are doing on your webinars. Definitely an Ah-Ha moment.

  5. Great teaching, breakdown of your webinar model. Love that you teach what you do and share what works! Very convincing! Take this and model it. It works in any business, niche; whatever product or service you are selling. Don’t be boring, engage with a story, a reason to stay for the webinar. Hook them in, teach, provide valuable content. I am ready to buy! Thank you Anthony!

  6. Anthony’s webinars are always deliver simplicity, yet such a powerful approach of knowledge, I can’t stop watching them because they are so interesting and I am always learning something new. Thank you for another perfect webinar.

  7. Thank you for these detailed and informative 8 steps necessary to have the Perfect Webinar. I agree that the webinar model is one of the best ways to promote your online business and offers. This model is super successful and captivating. I have listened to many webinars and I am always an eager participant and excited to purchase at the end of the webinar when the webinar is done with lots of value and leads me to see a way that I can succeed with this platform/tool/course that was just presented to me.

  8. Every time I listen to one of Anthony’s videos I learn something new. Sometimes I have to hear the same thing 3+ times before it sinks in. BUT…once I gets it….I gets it. Comes with age.

  9. Thanks Anthony that is a great outline to follow. I hope it can do for me even a portion of what it has done for you and your family.

  10. Thank you for outlining the 8 steps to a successful webinar. Being different and thinking outside the box is while keeping it simple is just some of the great advice

  11. Thank you for the simple, straightforward lesson on Webinars. It always amazes me how you sneak in a Promotion for one of your other courses, while giving us all of this value.e.g. (Instagram). Very clever. LOL.

  12. Looking forward to the webinar business in Success connection. Exciting, Exciting, Exciting, and thank you again, Anthony.

  13. Anthony, the more I watch and listen to you, actually learning something, the more excited I become! It’s real, and it’s doable! I love that its something to be earned and that you are honest about that from the very start.

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