[Affiliate Sales System] Close-Out Sales Page Released

Last night we continued to build out your free “affiliate selling machine”…

(If you’re new, this is the 15th business we’re building together over the next several weeks that you get 100% free of charge)

We started off by talking about why it’s important NOT to live in the past when it comes to our success (huge realization for me)

AND I gave you my best tips for “narrowing” your focus for MAX results!

Then I walked you through your affiliate sales system…

… and showed you what you’ll be selling, how you’ll be selling it (EPIC), & why this method is going to be mega profitable for you!

THEN I gave you the phase 2 “close-out” sales page for this webinar… completely done for you – free of charge.

We also reviewed the student submissions of these pages and I chose a few to buy for $250 each!

I’ll be releasing these to everyone next week as long as you’re on live…

Finally we kicked off another contest where you can win some cash AND full access to my Youtube Accelerator program!

Here’s the summary of what we did:

1. Walked through your done-for-you automated sales system
2. Gave you the “close-out” page for your business
3. Bought student versions for the “close-out” page for $250 each
4. Opened access to previous assets (free)
5. Started new Facebook post contest (cash prizes)

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