[Affiliate Selling Business] We Launched Your FREE Business!

We had yet another amazing training last night on the Success Connection…

… where we literally walked through & connected your entire business live on the call!

(If you’re new this is a 3 phase “affiliate selling” business that we’ve been building together over the last several weeks which you’ll get to keep FREE of charge)

We walked though the full funnel from the customer perspective…

… this is super important and something we always do in my business before a major launch to make sure everything is working smoothly, pages redirecting correctly, etc.

I showed you exactly where to swap out my links for yours so YOU make money – pretty big step 🙂

Then I released all the emails (170) that I bought last week from students for $1,000.

So now you’ll have a TON of emails to test with this business to drive customers back to your sales page!

I also announced the details for our Partner With Anthony town hall that’s going down next Wednesday… you definitely DON’T want to miss this!

Finally, I told you how I’m giving away a FREE $1,000/week generating business next Thursday and how you can win…

Here’s the summary of what we did:

1. Walked through full Affiliate Selling Business
2. Released Student emails ($1,000 value)
3. Announced PWA Town Hall details
3. Told you how to win a $1k/week business
4. Unlocked all free business assets

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