Earn $100K Posting Simple How-To Videos (FREE TRAFFIC)

🔥 [FREE] How I Made $333K From a TINY YouTube Channel

Did you know there is a TON of money to be made on youtube?

And no, it's not the way most people talk about, so I'm going to show you a simple strategy today that you can apply if you don't:

-Have any followers
-Have a youtube channel of your own
-you don't have to show your face
-You don't even need ANY of your videos to go viral

So what's the method?

It's all on today's training.


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22 thoughts on “Earn $100K Posting Simple How-To Videos (FREE TRAFFIC)

  1. Give this video a 10! Youtube is the search engine, and if you can find a way to get in front of the youtube traffic, you’ll be successful. Thanks.

  2. I haven’t even watched it but I think for attracting beginners, his numbers are too “unrealistic “, even though I personally know they are true and quite attainable. I think his titles just seem a bit scammy and tailored to folks already making money. But, that’s just my humble opinion. Good news is that, I reiterate, he’s the real deal. And I only follow Anthony (for my business building) and THInK media for my YouTube strategies and community. Anthony is worth listening to, I’d just say adjust your goals so that they are realistic and attainable (and motivating) for you in your part of the journey (not his).

    1. I think he means it like, its obtainable. He obviously has years of experience and exposure.
      But if we put in the work, we can also succeed. At least i want to believe that 🙂 good day

  3. Hey this is great info! I’ve been trying to decide what I can do to earn passive income and this is definitely on my list. I rate this a 10! And I want that vacay! Thanks 🙂

  4. I love You Tube. Can’t wait to upload more How To videos. I’ve uploaded How To videos on semi truck driving and over the last 5 years have had millions and millions of views. Now I want to monetize properly. How To videos are my favorite to make, they make me feel valuable. Teaching is alot of fun…

  5. Always such a good advicer Anthony, regarding your strategies visions, and your confirmation outstanding successful business use just simple way email list become traffic funnel helpline software and best value PWA traning as well and absolutely prespective you tube have a opportunity wisdom traning to be a shine life into succeed glober in online email marketing Excellent path,All the best your wonderful ideas for being win.

  6. I’ve been following Anthony for a long time and really enjoy his simple, easy to follow steps. I have a couple of YouTube channels and do what he says and it works. Thanks

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