Fastest Way (I Know) to Make $1,000,000 | Starting from $0

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Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and today I wanted to touch on a question I hear a LOT as I look through Facebook Groups and Online Forums from people who are looking to start or grow their online business…

And that is, "What's the fastest way to make a million dollars, starting from ZERO" ?

And by zero I mean, you don't have a course, podcast, social following, anything you think might give you leverage or a head start.

And when I see people answering this question they always jump to things like, "Amazon FBA!" or "invest in real estate!"

Well, those things are all great IF you already have a million dollars to invest!

Today I want to show you the fastest way to seven figures WITHOUT already having a super successful business or a ton of money to invest.

So here we go.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I want to be clear, I'm using the word FAST because that's the way I typically hear the question asked. Just because I said "fast" and "starting from $0," doesn't mean it'll be easy or happen overnight.

In fact, this method takes WORK and patience.

And not everyone who starts will make it to the finish line…

But it's the fastest method (I know) to generate the highest yield possible online WITHOUT any huge investment, working capital, or a ton of experience.


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26 thoughts on “Fastest Way (I Know) to Make $1,000,000 | Starting from $0

    1. Make a video on how to generate High Quality Traffic for affliate links for FREE!!! Please and Thank you!!!

    2. i meant the webinars because you can only do that in webinars ! BTW I wrote you a mail . Look if it arrived !

  1. Makes perfect sense. I know I need to create my ideal avatar, but this has been forming slowly in my mind over the last few months. I finally am getting ideas about what my ideal avatar might be looking for initially, but fleshing out what kind of person they are and where their ambitions lie still seems really vague to me.

  2. I think ‘fast’ depends on what stage of life you’re at: Fast at 25 maybe 5 years; fast at 60 is 1-3 years. I appreciate your 3 step plan, and would completely agree that you need to understand who you want to offer a product to. The old saying, “If you build a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your door,” is only good if your targeting people who have a mouse problem. It wont be of any interest to someone who has a cat. (Think about it.) Thanks again for the video

  3. Hey Anthony,
    I would love to start selling (as an affiliate) large ticket items online. My issue, though, is in the finding those products. I really want to start selling something new, exciting, and of great value to online marketers.
    Any suggestions?
    Micah H.

    1. I wouldnt start with trying to sell to “online marketers” or “make money online” stuff. Most people won’t buy, at whatever price, because they not only are sceptical or they too lazy to do anything.
      People will buy a $1000 iphone anytime, and not a $100 course/tool. Think about that. A $3000 TV flies off the shelf faster than a $20 ebook.

      So….be an affiliate for physical stuff. There are literally millions. Find a niche. Sell to them. Use Amazon associates, or sharesale, cj, viglink, etc. Sell tshirts, mugs, hoodies on redbubble,teespring,teepublic,spreadshirt,zazzle etc. Design something, pay someone to design, or simply..become an affiliate.

      Sell kitchen tools, furniture, a kayak, portable swimming pools, home silar panels, a thousand dollar jewellery, high end watches. There are aff programs for them, as mentioned above.

      Make the deal sweet. Offer your own bonus for buying through your aff link. Example: Put up ONE PAGE website selling ONE thing, eg. $3000 super BBQ pit with lasers (affiliate product). Offer valueable free bonus stuff- could be downloads, pdfs, or physical, best to give digital products CONGRUENT to the bbq pit. Pdfs- “10 Vegan BBQ recipes that will tantalise your vegan cravings”, “Best ways to maintain your bbq pit like brand new even after roasting turkeys and cows everyday”, “Best Chefs BBQ recipes to enjoy without gaining weight”, “Get this bundle of bbq mat,tongs,picnic mat with your purchase”, “Get this cool BBQMan Mug and Tshirt with purchase”, “Get over 30% discount on our partners deals”, “20 BBQ accessories that make your guests go WOW and instanly become the BBQ Expert”, ” 17 foods you didnt know cld be BBQed but tastes damn good”.

      I hope u understand where I’m getting at. Forget course and tool. Become aff for physical products. Go on etsy, amazon, ebay, aliexpress, fbgroups, fb marketplace, craigslist etc. and see whats selling. Almost NOBODY sells make money stuff. Plus…you will be at a disadvantage if u try.

      Give u more example. What’s in your house? Promote those.
      Example: I see a ceiling fan as i’m typing.
      I put up ONE PAGE landing page/website. Get 6 to 9 ceiling fan pictures off amazon or sharesale. Short description of each. “BUY NOW” button on each with aff link.
      Below, another 6 pictures of “ceiling fan accessories” that “people also bought”. Get those pictures, add description, buy now button with aff link to each.

      All…on…ONE page.
      Promote. -Pinterest, Instagram, fbgroups, influencer, twitter, youtube. Thats it.
      Rinse and repeat with another page with a group of products or one product with pdf bonuses.

  4. Thank you for today’s training. A million is a lofty goal for me. I am working small starting with a very small amount of money. I will be happy to have a 5 figure year at the moment. Keep up the good training. Look forward to the next video. PWA student starting out.

  5. Everyone has a problem they want solved, so if we can help with finding & offering the solution, everyone wins! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  6. I wanted so bad to leave my job that the last 2 years I bought a lot of programs ( yours is #1) but 1 I did buy was the main program click bank and they have a connection for me to promote the top selling webinars! I’m in over load of info so thanks to your program I Will do ALL of them to have 7 incomes. Your advice is always priceless. I feel I have a brighter future ahead. Soon I can help others find Your Programs also!

  7. Thank you sir, you’ve been very helpful you make complicated things so easy to understand, and that’s what I admire you for, I’m surely in for this, your student to be from Papua New Guinea, cheers Mentor

  8. Interesting. Great presentation and delivery. Your speech pattern and your “approachability” makes it easy to listen and learn (as well as your practical suggestions for a higher ticket webinars). Thanks

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