When people find out my main job is making money online they often assume I'm doing something like spending hours a day writing blog articles.

Truth is, I haven't written a blog post in close to 15 years and my business has never been better.

Here's why I DON'T recommend blogging to make money online if you're just getting started, and if you ARE a blogger, what you can do to speed up the revenue generation process.


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11 thoughts on “How I Make PASSIVE INCOME Online WITHOUT Blogging

  1. From following your youtube videos, it really all comes down to a list! From a list you can optimize email marketing an affiliate marketing! Time is precious. Most of us don’t have time to develop a blog. Time better spent building an email list! Thanks for the video.

  2. 😇Thanks Anthony! I appreciate all of your help and support 🙏hope all is well 😇🤘❣

  3. Regards your view point as a being well for inspiration words of wisdom the world generation process , additional your all those you tube viedos show content step by setp how so easily make money thus points to which one to earn money sucessfully .Honestly it’s great job just for the email list although an affilliate marketing being a successfull life as well as.Thannks a tone Anthony for the exceptional creative.

  4. You have stopped me from going down the path of building a BLOG. It is time for me to turn around
    1 I must have a plan,2. My purpose must be clear. 3. The I must take massive action on the plan. Great Content Anthony

    1. Dont give up on your idea. His not starting someone to create a blog. Its just take a little time to develop it and get the results with blog but once its up then the results will be very fruitful. You just have to spend some more time on creating high quality content and also on SEO.

  5. Yes, grow a list is a good idea … although not exactly easy. To get their interest, they need to know more about you and what you do. So where do they find that? On a web page. And what is a WordPress blog post? A webpage. Why not send the traffic – another Holy Grail – to that page, and let them have a look around your blog if they so wish? I’m taking the concept one stage further, and allowing “Guest Articles” to my membership blog. In theory, they might mention their post to their own readers, and send traffic to the blog post … where there is also an email signup box in the right menu.

  6. Am inspired each of your videos Anthony. Sorry Anthony for not opening all email send to my inbox. few I could open.

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