How To COPY Pictures & Earn Money For FREE By Selling Them – LEGALLY (Remake/Remaster)

Learn my NEW websites, tips & strategies for copying pictures & selling them… LEGALLY!

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Got any questions about "legal stuff" like copyrights, trademarks & refunds? Chances are, by watching these videos, you'll have most of your questions answered!

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Hey there I am Sarah (aka Ted). On this channel, I discuss topics for online entrepreneurs building businesses. And here is the truth when it comes to building a business: it isn't a way to get rich fast. Nope. A business is simply when you learn to do these 3 things really well:

1) Creating or finding great products/services to sell.
2) Putting those products in front of the right customers.
3) Giving those customers a great reason to buy.

And each person will have their own journey to get there with a LOT of hard work & sacrifices along the way 💪👊 here on this channel, I make videos to help entrepreneurs along this journey. Some of the topics I discuss are:

* Case studies of successful online businesses.
* Tips, tricks & strategies on choosing the right online business for you.
* How to make & sell products with ecommerce using beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (such as Print On Demand).
* Tips & strategies to scale to more advanced product sourcing strategies (like wholesale fulfillment centers).
* Help with some of the "legal stuff" (like trademarks & copyrights when doing business online).
* And a sprinkle of entrepreneurial motivation thrown in too!

I hope my actionable content can help you: whether you're running your own online business/online store, or are in the process of building one, and want some tactical advice to help you along the way. If that is you, subscribe today! 🔥

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30 thoughts on “How To COPY Pictures & Earn Money For FREE By Selling Them – LEGALLY (Remake/Remaster)

  1. I read an inspiring quote, today: “If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shade.” – Tom Peters

    1. @Harry ًPotter the YouTube Algorithm punishes me for posting too many external links. As a way to get around it I have provided urls in the video, so you can type them in yourself to visit all of the websites I mentioned in this video. But as I did promise in the video, I provided a link to RedBubble’s terms of service directly in the video description 🌞

    2. Hey I’ve been watching your videos for months now and I’ve learned quite a lot . But I have a question i want to start a POD business i use canva to design but I recently found out that the dpi is very low which will make the design look awful on big products, so do you perhaps know if I can change the dpi somehow or is there another program to use ??

    3. @Wholesale Ted thank you, you’re a big help to this community. I’m a big fan and i love you smile!

    4. this is one the points i recieved in suspension email.

      Hello Tanuj,
      We’re writing to let you know that your account has been suspended.

      Accounts may be suspended for the following reasons:
      The products listed in the shop may not have been originally created by the user, such as mass produced art reproductions, stock images, or vector packs.

      So please dont prompt people to do this, especially if they are from non english country

    5. @Tanuj Jagoori most likely you just downloaded a picture & didn’t edit it enough to look differently from a picture someone else had also uploaded: if it isn’t original enough then you are “copying” another user. Before uploading any public domain art, I strongly suggest following the advice in this video (upload something new & make it original). But RedBubble does accidentally close legitimate accounts (they even acknowledge it in their TOS) & you’re right, if you don’t come from an English speaking country, your chances of being targeted are much higher unfortunately! There are lots of opportunities online though, hopefully one of these websites might be able to help you find something different to try:

  2. I really think Wholesale Ted needs to have a series on Netflix or Amazon Prime or both! I hope that happens your absolutely amazing!

  3. I love how you think about literally everything when coming up with an idea.
    I enjoy these type of videos, they’re really useful! Thanks a lot!

  4. I spend $500 a month to support rescued dogs and cats, so I was really excited and grateful to find this video. This looks like something I could do! I’m not looking to get rich for myself; I just want to keep helping those that “have no voice, no choice.” Thank you!

    1. I’m the same, I not only support our local cat rescue An Cat Dubh ( that’s Irish and means The Black Cat), I also am now the proud servant of 12 rescue cats and one old rescue collie girl 🥰 Most of my furries are old or have special needs and disabilities. So every penny is welcome and I really love your videos, Sarah 😊👍❤️

  5. Thank you so much Sarah . I’ve been watching your videos recently and been taking your course on e-commerce I’m looking forward to my next steps to financial freedom . I just want to know whether you do any one to one sessions?

  6. Excellent, amazing info!! Thank you so very much for sharing your incredible knowledge with us!!

  7. Hi Sarah! I’m glad you remake this video. I really got stressed finding the video you made similar with this one, now I get it you had some revisions on it. Thank you for giving us ideas we can apply with our side hustles.

  8. I ran across your website maybe three or four days ago and I’ve been watching you ever since I’m very very inspired by you I’m an old trucker and student pilot I’m looking to make extra money to buy an airplane I pretty much got everything else covered I’m seeing you have a ecommerce course I may have to look into that

  9. Today I learned four websites that can help me a ton. Thanks really, I can’t stress it enough. You always put quality content.

  10. Hope you don’t mind me saying this but you really are beautiful. Also such a lovely person helping us all with these videos. In fact just last week I became a wholesale Ted member 👍

  11. I use some public domain material (old shows for Youtube and I’ve rewritten some old PD stories and published on Amazon) and I can tell you you give free information that some charges a lot of money for. I hope people are aware of this and are appreciative. I just learned about some sites I didn’t know about. By the way, I was hoping to see one of your dances. 🙂

  12. people already said enough, so nothing new from my side! The most helpful youtuber, who actually interacts with people, and has a content clearly explained. <3

  13. I love how you organize your videos and provide such a pleasant and detailed walkthrough. Thank you so much Sarah!

  14. Can you do a video on higher margin products? Hooded blankets, car seat covers, shower curtains, AOP hoodies.

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