How to Find a Supplier on Alibaba & Find a Chinese Manufacturer

This video tutorial will teach you how to find a supplier on Alibaba & find a Chinese manufacturer.
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Here is the email template referenced in our video tutorial on how to find a supplier on Alibaba:

"My name is [INSERT NAME] from [INSERT BUSINESS NAME]. Our company director asked me to contact your company about working together on a lucrative, long-term venture. We are a company that sells products related to [INSERT NICHE HERE] and we do over 2 million dollars in sales each year. We’re looking to expand our product range and create a profitable partnership between your company and ours.

We are planning to purchase [INSERT ITEM] to our product line. It would need to meet these specifications:

* Specification (e.g size)
* Specification (e.g. quantity)
* Specification (e.g. colour)

We have been researching different companies in China that manufacture [INSERT ITEM] and we think that your company could be a great supplier for it. We would like to get some more information and have a few questions that we would like you to please answer:

* Can we please get a sample of the product as soon as possible. Can you please let us know how much you will charge for the sample, including Express shipping to [INSERT COUNTRY], zip code [INSERT ZIP CODE]? We would like to pay with PayPal.
* How long will it take to receive the sample?
* What types of packaging do you usually use for this product?
* How long does it take to manufacture once an order has been placed?
* What is the product-per-unit cost including shipping via Air Express to the United States, ZIP code 85043?
* Do you accept PayPal for the full-order?"

We would be very grateful if you would contact us with answers to the above questions as well as any additional policies that we may need to know. We would also like to discuss with you further about doing a sample order for the product.

We are hopeful that we can start a mutually beneficial relationship.

Please add me on Skype and talk to me, as this is my ideal form of communication: [INSERT ID]
Alternatively you can email me back at this address: [INSERT ADDRESS]

Kind regards,

Here are some final tips to keep in mind when you are looking to find a supplier on Alibaba to manufacture your Amazon FBA private label products:

Tip #1 on how to find a supplier on Alibaba: Don’t judge the supplier/manufacture by their Alibaba response rate.

The Alibaba response rate only takes into account how fast they respond within Alibaba’s email system, and it doesn’t take into account how fast they reply to personal emails. This is not a good indicator of how responsive they will be to private communication, which is all you should care about.

Tip #2 on how to find a supplier on Alibaba: Avoid manufacturers that try to vet your business.

If a manufacturer comes back and starts asking questions about your business, clearly skeptical of the size of your company, it is best to move on. Manufacturers that do this will usually decline to work with you as they are only to work with other large companies, so you don’t want to waste your time.

Tip #3 on how to find a supplier on Alibaba: It is OK to work directly with a sales rep – if they offer you a better deal.

When you are looking to find a supplier on Alibaba, you’ll discover that sales reps often have inflated prices (due to commission cuts). But occasionally, a sales rep will have a better relationship with a factory and so are able to negotiate lower prices. They will also often have good english, making communication easier. Vet sales reps and treat them as equals during the process of picking and choosing the right supplier.

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26 thoughts on “How to Find a Supplier on Alibaba & Find a Chinese Manufacturer

  1. Sara I love watching your tutorials. I’ve learned allot. I made a purchase from MERCARI I started ought fearful, with it just being a Chinese company and how they work. it actually was here in 2 weeks. I quit sweating it. I’m ready to start this experience. thank you.
    Deborah Blaylock

  2. Hello, very interesting video. I’m a student, its my first year at university and I want to do this kind of business. My question is how can I put a label on the product I’ll be selling on Amazon? Is this the sellers job to do the design for me? Or what is its process? Thank you

    1. Generally you ask a freelance designer to create a logo or a label for you (on a site like fiverr). Then you send the file to the manufacturer and they print it on the product and/or the packaging. They usually propose you millions of ways the name or logo can be printed.

  3. Hi Sarah,

    Really love what you’re doing. Super clear, very informative and freaking awesome. Have an incredible weekend. I miss NZ like crazy!!

  4. waw very informative
    I am glad I stamped to your video two days ago since then I am taking notes. I haven’t launch my business yet but soon I will. thank you very much you are so helpful.

  5. Love your videos. they have been extremely helpful. How do you know if you’re working with a middle man/woman? I was vetting a few companies for a product but I found it weird that when it came to sending money thru PayPal for the samples the account names for 2 different companies and what I thought were 2 different people, were nearly identical. Example… and It all worked out in the end but if you give some tips on how to weed out the middle person that would great! Thank you for your time.

  6. This was super helpful. I am thinking about starting on my private labeling journey and was really needed a starting off process. Love your content.

  7. Do you have a video on passing goods thru customs and duty taxes etc? How to and what to expect and what is required? DHL express does all this for you but is it worth it?

  8. Your videos are absolutely brilliant, thank you. I would like to add thought that I am brand new to buying anything from China to import to the UK. I’ve contacted several suppliers there being completely honest with them, telling them I am new, have a small budget and cannot afford to buy huge quantities. All of them replied to me and offered me the best pricing they offer. I can buy 20 small items at the prices they list for 1000 qty orders. So, in my experience honesty is definitely the best policy. If you are honest with the supplier form the start you are much more likely to find a truly honest supplier willing to help you out.

  9. Great video Wholesale Ted! We also recommend vetting all suppliers. And don’t forget your quality control check!

  10. OMG I just followed your email template and its amazing the difference it made when contacting suppliers. Now I get detailed responses from people who speak better english almost instantly!

  11. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Our company manufactures aluminium bottles. We have received customers from all over the world. Some customers have also come to China to visit our company. When looking for suppliers, you need to make sure that their company really exists and their factory production is perfect, so that you can find suppliers suitable for you.

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