How To Know What Business To Start (Millionaire Advice)

You are watching the “KDE Clips”. Our special guest for today is the CEO of TentantCloud, Joseph Edgar. Prior to TenantCloud, he was a principal investor with Petros Partners, a venture fund focused on clean energy technology. Joe bought his real estate property at the age of 14. In 2007, he founded EI investments, a $10 million venture fund focused on providing debt and equity to early-stage companies in OR and TX. In 2008 Joe joined Governor Perry’s office and managed $487 Million in state authority with a focus on early-stage and emerging companies. In 2011 Joe joined Commissioner Stales in advising, operating, and deploying the J4T Venture Fund, which is a $46.5 million investment fund focused on Texas’ early-stage companies. Watch this podcast and know Joe Edgar’s interesting and successful entrepreneurial journey.

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57 thoughts on “How To Know What Business To Start (Millionaire Advice)

  1. Do you start with the problem or do you start with the the people whose problems you want to solve, find out what problems they have and which ones you would be passionate about solving?

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