How to Make up to $15 per Hour Listening to Music! Make Money Online!

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Do you like music? How about making money online from home? If like me, Kevin David, you answered yes to both of those questions, you are in luck. In today's video I take you step by step how to make passive income online from home by simply listening to music.

You can make $12 per song, and it is easy to scale. You see the record companies do not own the entire music industry anymore, and other forms of getting new artists have come out. We base our money making strategy on these new websites that help young artists get out there and get heard. It's really a win win.

On the Kevin David channel, we've had a lot of strategies and videos lately on how to make money with PayPal, and how to make money with affiliate marketing, and how to make money with YouTube. The list goes on. But today's is especially unique.

So if you're looking to make money online fast, or make a full time income from home, this is a perfect opportunity for you. Have fun and go make some money! Kevin David freedom movement.

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55 thoughts on “How to Make up to $15 per Hour Listening to Music! Make Money Online!

  1. Thanks KD! These videos help a lot. I’m saving up for your official courses, and each penny counts.

  2. You are huge inspiration for me Kevin! You always help me keep going with my youtube channel as well. Thank you and keep it up!:)

  3. Hey Kevin , whats your opinion about Steemit?Keep up your good work , you do a great job , very inspirational and motivational for us

  4. Digging the shirt! Interesting way with YouTube and stuff to build the Spotify playlist. Good stuff man. This site pays like *crazy* !

  5. THANK YOU KEVIN!!!! In one of your previous videos I commented and asked for a video in this niche and you delivered 💯You’re awesome, continue the fantastic work, thank you for all you do 🙂

    2 things: You said you can earn $12 but your video title says $15, also you forgot to mention the reason for subscribing and turning on notification

  6. I’m from Egypt I love your videos so much and the new world wide strategy is awesome 👏 keep going ♥️

  7. Wow!!! I couldn’t believe something like this exist, thanks to you now I know. Keep the good news coming bro.

  8. Thank you! Im a musician myself using this website and the streams you and your subs are doing for us is getting US paid as well! Plus our name gets out there. This video needs to be boosted and promoted because its helping the musicians as well.

    1. As Long as you never give up and keep on pushing, you will get somewhere! Make sure to look at all opportunities you can. You will find something real.

  9. The only thing with playlist push is that you have to have like 400 people following a playlist you have

  10. When you thought you just had to listen to music and then he talks about having 400 followers for it and the video should be called “how to get followers on spotify”

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