Make PASSIVE INCOME Online *Without Blogging* ($25,000 MONTH)

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Should You Start a Blog or a YouTube Channel if You Want to Make Money Online?

Today we're putting these two most popular money-making methods head to head and see which one wins.


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21 thoughts on “Make PASSIVE INCOME Online *Without Blogging* ($25,000 MONTH)

  1. Yes, I’m in agreement that blogging is definitely not for beginners, and is dependent and at the mercy of google ranking. But, yes Youtube can be the way to generate traffic and from that traffic have recurring affiliate offers and build your email list. Thanks for helping us beginners!

  2. Blogging is obviously BEATING A DEAD HORSE. . as if we really needed him/her to MOVE SOMETHING HEAVY for us. . what? A wagon. A carriage. A YOU TUBE BUSINESS. . lol thanks man, it looks like you’re doing a FINE JOB replacing mr. or mrs. HORSE!

  3. I dont want bazillions , but Even 100k a year would be a blessing Ive worked physically hard to the point of chronic illness, and it sucks I am trying anything

  4. This was a very good illustration and comparison between blogging and having a you tube channel. You tube is far more interesting than blogging. Good information.

  5. Thank you Anthony, I had at one time thought about a blog, now I know not a good idea. Takes to much time. YouTube ads and affiliate links makes more sense.

  6. Hi Anthony. Hope you are well. Thank you for this neat video. I am going to launch my channel soon. I would also like to mention how impressed I am at how much progress you have made with your physique and I mean that sincerely. Well done!

  7. You Tube is like old Hollywood and I personally love creating more content for everyone. Old school is new school ๐Ÿ˜‰Grazie Anthony ๐ŸŒŸ

  8. Thanks Sir Tony for this informative video.

    I agree that vlogs are better than blogs. A youtube channel will help a beginner like me to quickly climb the income ladder than blogs.

    Blogs are more stressful and take longer to generate income than Vlogs.

    Thanks man.

  9. Hi All, am commenting not for the vacation, as my passport is expired and not in a mood for vacation during this pandemic.

    Yes, Youtube channel is the way to go forward as it has more reach and can create passive income.

  10. Your content is so very helpful and I want to know exactly how to build youtube to make a very good living

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