RedBubble vs. Printify vs. Teespring REVIEW! (Which Is The Best Print On Demand Supplier?)

Sarah reviews RedBubble vs. Printify vs. Teespring & tells you which is the best!

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46 thoughts on “RedBubble vs. Printify vs. Teespring REVIEW! (Which Is The Best Print On Demand Supplier?)

  1. What an amazing video, great job on the comparison! I’ve used TeeSpring and had a great experience, but now I think I’m going to try these options! Ill keep you posted with the results!

    1. Redbubble! They just need to improve the quality of their shirts and their prints. You even can pay more and get a Tshirt with better quality!

    2. @AR V all pod is a hit and miss. it depends on if they will edit your image or print as is. what you see on your screen is not what they see on there’s. specially if there monitor is calibrated and your is not. I think redbubble didnt edit your design and printed as is. and thats why is washed looking although that how dtg is. another reason lots of companys dont print that vibrant is cuz the ink cartridge cost $240 each and the white goes out faster and at the sametime so your paying $500 to replace everytime it goes out and thats basically every day lol. I print so I actually knowthe prices.

  2. I was waiting the most basic comparison that just showcased the mechanics of each website but instead I got the video of the year. The fact that you bought each shirt with a design that easy showed each producer’s flaws was amazing!

  3. Thank you for your video. Great points. And I love how you had t –shirt samples from all of them.
    I currently have Printful (with Etsy) and Redbubble, and honestly by the time Esty takes all their fees and all the hassle with accounting. The Margins you get from Redbubble end up being okay. Also I don’t have to worry about customer service with Redbubble allowing me to spend more time on art. I prefer Redbubble. But that is my personal preference as an artist first, doing business second. Though I do plan to try switching to shopify once I get enough income.

  4. I liked being able to see the print quality of the different suppliers side by side with the same design.
    I’d like to see a similar comparison done with Spreadshirt and Printful.

    1. @3polygons I didn’t test redbubble or printify. But during my research I notice printify was rated pretty bad on customer reports. Redbubble has a decent customer report. But I would still test out Redbubble.

    2. @Wen Liang redbubble prints are also not that great, the colors are off, design looks shine and whitish, and a bit with cracks….

    3. @BEAST NYC dam sad to hear. I had high hopes. I guess going local print shop is still the best for quality assurance.

  5. I started 2 redbubble shops about 2 months ago after watching one of your videos and so far I have sold over 100 products all for about 2 days worth of creating designs! Never wouldve done it if I wasn’t subscribed to Wholesale Ted

    1. kindly please help me out … can get the same result …. I’m struggling a lot ….have tried paid ad or what exactly are you did plz give me some tips

    2. @Emiel Odendaal plz tell me what strategies you put out to get such sales…. I’m from India

  6. Thanks for the great video Sarah! I’d love to see how they all do with mugs. I’d also like to see how Printful fares against them 🤔

  7. With all due respect, I love you! lol jk Seriously the information that you gave in this video alone is worth so much. Anyone starting, or even in the early process of getting their business up and running needs to watch this video.

    1. @H R that’s just not true? Who said that? They clearly aren’t using Printful if they said that recently, because if so, that’s slander & not true. They are shipping out my orders within 1-3 business days. It sounds like you’re watching an old video from the start of 2020 when covid-19 hit and they had big delays! Before saying a supplier is having “massive delays” based off of what you’re reading, I strongly recommend looking at the time stamp of that comment, to see if it’s from earlier in the year when covid-19 hit Printful (and almost all the POD companies) because of forced government lockdowns out of their control. Printful’s fulfillment times are fantastic: 🙏

      Next time I’ll include Printful in the comparison, I’m sorry I didn’t do it this time!

    2. @Wholesale Ted Hi Sara! Thanks for this great video! I would also love to see and hear about Printful from You!! Unfortunately I have to go against your experience on Printful’s shipping times: I have been waiting for a sample order of mine for more than 2 weeks now and it is still nowhere. 🙁

    3. @Fruzsina Gaal I just ordered a sample from Printful and they shipped it out in 2 business days. You need to keep in mind that depending on your location and what type of item you ordered, delivery times will vary. It usually says on the bottom of the item how long it will take to be delivered to your selling region. For example some items may take as little as 1 week to be delivered while other items can take as long as 4 or 5 weeks. You can also change your selling preferences so that only items that have fast delivery will show up in the product list if you aren’t willing to put up with long wait times.

  8. What a sweet video! I could have saved time if I came here directly. Awesome that you compared the T-shirts from different vendors. THANK YOU!!!

  9. I’ve had pretty poor experiences with quality on print on demand sites. Washed out colors, not sharp and off center items. However, they are GREAT for ordering samples at low cost.

  10. I wondered why I hadn’t sold anything on Teespring! haha.
    I’ve sold 75 T-Shirts on Redbubble though with your advice. Cheers 🙂

  11. Thanks Sarah, I am so glad you did this review, especially Teespring. I was selling through all 3 of these companies, but don’t sell Teespring now due to my experiences. I purchased a design I did for my daughter on a hoodie and some socks. Shipping to Australia took months and cost me way too much. Teespring were not helpful when I was trying to track it. However, when we finally got the products, the socks were quite significantly different sizes.🤷‍♀️ so much for quality control!
    The print on both hoodie and socks was quite good from a photo of her dog, but the customer/seller service was pathetic. I could not have customers going through that experience. They did eventually replace the socks, and they even sent another hoodie, so with the cost it ended up not too bad, but like you said, when you are starting out if you can’t get that trust score, you don’t get seen, so what’s the point?!
    I have never sold a t-shirt through Redbubble or Printify, only facemasks, but the quality of Printify printers definitely seems better as the facemasks through Printify get 5 star reviews and great comments. So good to know which printers to go with for T-shirt quality.

  12. I’ve been to webinars and have watched too many videos to count looking for answers. You have given more info than all of them in a 20 something minute video. Thank you❤️

  13. This has been so helpful. I’ve had trouble with Teespring designs with faded quality. I do like the ease of setting up the store, however, quality and vibrance is more the goal I’m going for, will have a look at Printful. Thanks for this video.

  14. This was really helpful! I was drawn to Teespring because of the youtube creator integrations, where you can advertise your store directly to subscribers below each video. However, knowing redbubble does in-house advertising and printful provides the best quality, does give me options if I decide to branch out in the future and create more stores!

  15. This video is FANTASTIC! I’m very glad I decided to go with Printify. The extra setup is so worth it.

    Great job!

  16. Another option is to use Redbubble for some things, like their duffle bags or stickers and just straight up art work prints. But then use the other two options for other things like the T shirts.

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