The REAL Way to Make Money On YouTube With ZERO Followers

There are SO MANY metrics you can look at in your YouTube Analytics that it can drive you insane.

But when we're growing our YouTube Channel we only focus on THREE things that have allowed us to not only triple our subscriber base, but more importantly, generate over a quarter million dollars in the past year from FREE Traffic.

I'll tell you what these three things are and then I'll let you know on some insider secrets of how we try to improve them with every single video.


How I Made $333K From a TINY YouTube Channel


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23 thoughts on “The REAL Way to Make Money On YouTube With ZERO Followers

  1. Thanks for giving us the information on how to distinguish our youtube videos from all the ‘noise’ and the other videos out there. Your help and suggestions and advise is what is taking us to the next level. Thanks again

  2. I’ve wondered how a video would rank on YouTube’ Now I know. I’ve registered and I’m looking forward to learn more on the art of marketing on YouTube.

  3. Eh Anthony. Thids video you posted is really awesome. Thanks. Shout Out to your beautiful wife. You know what they say, behind every successful man is an awe inspiring beautiful wife!

  4. Anthony , you have developed quite a training program. I just don’t have my Youtube Channel ready. I kind of feel like I am putting the Cart before the horse by signing up for your program. You see I will develop my own content based on my new hobby ; “Permaculture / Food Forest” development. I will keep watchin g you on Youtube.

  5. Hi Anthony. I have recently joined your Ambassador Program and started to go through the training videos. Will you have a training video in the program about the application of youtube, as mentioned above?

  6. Anthony, this video content clearly explains and takes the mystery out of how YouTube ranks posted video’s and what is most important to create in order to get your video’s watched. You are a great instructor, a rare talent indeed.

  7. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ You always have such awesome content, & this about YouTube is really interesting. It sure gives a true picture of what to do with your YouTube Channel to grow it so you get more views, & get it pushed more by YouTube itself… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Thank You for your time & always “GREAT CONTENT” I’m checking out your MasterClass…

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