Top 3 MYTHS About Making Money On YouTube ($25K/MONTH)

Today I'm going to shatter a few of the top myths I see about making money on YouTube…

Most people think that to make money on youtube it's gotta be done a certain way…

But the problem is they typically just see the content or the tip of the iceberg without seeing what's going on underneath…

And that leads to a lot of confusion about how people actually make money on this channel.

For example, you might look at my subscriber count and views on youtube and think that i might make a couple of bucks from each upload…

But I've actually been able to generate several thousand dollars each time I upload a video and it's probably not the way you might think.

So I hope today's video will inspire and encourage you if you have a small channel yourself or you're thinking about launching a youtube channel to make money but don't know where to start.


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20 thoughts on “Top 3 MYTHS About Making Money On YouTube ($25K/MONTH)

  1. I think you are saying that value always leads to confirmation and trust with viewers and followers. And, that with the right offers and the best presentation you can offer the viewers and followers offers that they want and are interested in. Youtube is a search engine, and I think you are right is saying that you want to offer value to the viewers who are searching and following you. Thanks for the insight!

  2. Hey , now there’s a guy who knows what he’s talking about, I’ve been trying keep up for the last few months as much as I possibly can although now all this is starting to make sense Mr. Morrison does an awesome job teaching this stuff and if your want to learn the rite way this is the guy you want to learn it from

  3. Anthony, you never cease to amaze me. I’m learning one of your strategies and before I can Finnish, you pop up with another one. I need about 2 more gears my engine to keep up. Great stuff, your content is ever so good inspiring. Thank you

  4. I learn that partnering with Anthony with help build my business and a lot of help come along with this and will help me increase my income .

  5. Hey Anthony, I’m your student Sheryl and this is great info for the newbie’s at affiliate marketing and online money making machines. I agree that Anthony is a Genius because he has figured out how to make money w/out having to spend money. I’m one of his PWA Success Connection Students and if you want it you’d better get it now before it goes up in price. Good stuff.

  6. Thank god, finally an internet entrepenuer with integrity and moral code of conduct. Anthony you are the real deal. Thanks for all your help. I’m on session seven. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel and its not a train….

  7. I’m part of the Partner with Anthony (PWA) program and absolutely love his step by step process. Truly amazing job! Can’t wait for this YouTube webinar.

  8. am so enthuse with this content it really teaches me alot, i want to build my business via youtube

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