YouTube VS Amazon FBA: The BEST Passive Income Method for 2022 ($50K/Month)

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Two of the most popular methods for making money online are going head to head in today's training.

We're going to figure out which one has the most profit potential, which one is easiest to get started with, and even which one request the LEAST amount of startup capital.


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21 thoughts on “YouTube VS Amazon FBA: The BEST Passive Income Method for 2022 ($50K/Month)

  1. I am brand new, I have no channels or affiliates. But the way you explained the difference between Amazon and Youtube businesses, Youtube makes more sense.

  2. Thanks for the videos, Anthony 🤩After watching this, I think YouTube is the best way to make money! Keep up the good work.
    Fingers crossed for Destin!

  3. Hello MR. PWA Thankful, for your interesting view points of, Rainbow Youtube vs Amazon FBA, those are two roadmaps so never possible to same earn money somehow, at this time like Amazon FBA now people happy by order online mostly that carry on Amazon But it depends on wether by the people in fact it’s running well. however youtube fan standby to join in crazy to earn money it’s have way to a person best profit from this platform, Over all both running business well.

  4. This is so true! I took the Amazon route and sold $50k of products but lost $17k. Great tax deduction but tons of work for absolutely no benefit except to Jeff Bezos. There are so many fees and a lot of them are hidden, very deceptive. Eventually, I broke a rule that got me thrown off the platform! Kind of stupid since I was making them all kinds of money. I’m ready to make a profit!

  5. I agree that you0tube beats out Amazon. Here’s a thought. Is Amazon also becoming a ‘search’. If you have an Amazon store or order products on Amazon, if you’re not on the first page your chances of anyone seeing your product goes down immensely. Thanks for the video and your insight.

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