My Quotes of Thankfulness: Gratitude Log – 16 February 2018

This gratitude log is inspired by the book…’The Magic‘ by Rhonda Byrne and this Daily mastermind (Freedom) call.

Here is my log for the day…….

1. I am so grateful for this day because of the opportunities and possibilities that come with it.

2. I am so grateful for Joe Peps during my time at Accra Academy because of his care and supervision during my first year.

3. I am so grateful for Tochi and the time we found to hang out during my visit to Ghana because it made me not feel lonely and was able to catch up on old times.

4. I am grateful for Mr. Dadzie and his crew for the work they do because he is a trustworthy person.

5. I am grateful for the air I breathe because it sustains me.

6. I am so grateful for Craig Caron for his guidance and help over the years because it has taught me some valuable internet marketing lessons.

7. I am so grateful for Coach George for coaching Nadia because she is learning and improvong her soccer skills.

8. I am so grateful for Kevin V. and his wife Kimberly because of the assistance they have provided over the years to learn Photoshop.

9. I am so grateful for Francisca because she is available to pick up the kids from school and take them to their practices during her off day.

10. I am so grateful the week-end is here because I get to hang out and do stuff with the family.


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