How to Make Money from Amazon in 2020 for Beginners (DON’T DO FBA)

How can a complete beginner make money on Amazon in 2020? Check out my new video to find out. Hint: DON'T Start an FBA Store!

πŸ’° Learn How to Copy & Paste My 8 Figure Business from Scratch (Even if You Don't Have Anything to Sell):

Hey, I'm Anthony Morrison, and if you want to see how you can earn money from Amazon as a complete beginner WITHOUT launching an Amazon Store then check this out. I've been using this exact method known as Affiliate Marketing for the past 15 years and yet it's still the #1 way to make money online and work from home job I'd recommend in 2020.

Making money online and working from home has never been easier with the internet but there are still plenty of dangers and ways to waste your hard earned money. That's why I go over the top 3 reasons why I don't think a beginner should start an Amazon FBA store and what they should do instead.

Check out my other videos on the Anthony Morrison channel where I go step-by-step on the ways to make money in 2020 and the best work from home jobs!

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28 thoughts on “How to Make Money from Amazon in 2020 for Beginners (DON’T DO FBA)

    1. Why is this not letting me enter my order. I put all my CC info and hit order button but nothing happened for PWA . I did not even receive the book πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ. Is the link not working for the 7.00 /mth program. I have been out of work fir 11 months now from Covid ✈️✈️ too dangerous fir be. Please help βœ¨πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ’«πŸ’β€β™‚οΈπŸ™

    2. Great video editing! Do you have a YouTube videos training? Which would make more from 500k views or an Amazon business from scratch with 5000 small ticket items for a year? I made $23k monthly with investing with Webull. Not a finance professional, only for entertainment purposes.

  1. I found Anthony’s Partner With Anthony Program about 6 months ago. I have learned so much from that program and also from his weekly training called the Success Connection. Anthony is so good at explaining things. I make sure to get on Success Connection every Thursday night – even on Thanksgiving. Yes, he really holds a class on Thanksgiving.

  2. Great and informative video Anthony. You make the lesson very easy to understand using your white board, and your examples are very clear, rich, obviously from your true life. I’m touched with how much you care about us as your students to plan out your lessons and courses so well. Keep up the energy, can’t wait to see how you scale up from here.

  3. Well, I loved this video because it is so informative. I think that it’s a way better idea to approach Amazon as an affiliate and I am grateful to Anthony and his expertise on the subject. I’m sure that this info will keep many people from ‘going under’ because of mistaken ideas of how to work with Amazon. Thanks again, Anthony!!

  4. The clips of Anthony’s father remembering those HUGE commission checks are priceless! He still looks stunned. I can’t imagine what getting a 6 figure check in the mail would be like! There would be smelling salts involved to revive me without a doubt! Mississippi Morrison is much appreciated by this Tennessee trainee. Thanks again for all the coaching!

  5. Thank you Anthony for breaking it down why to be an affiliate rather than a store owner. Everyone who tells you to build a store does not tell you when you will begin to see a profit. Keep up the amazing content!

  6. An eye opener . My favourite part about every training / video that Anthony Morrison puts out – everything is broken down and explain so that anyone could understand

  7. Anthony this is a great offer, looking forward to going thru the training modules, learning from you and working with you. Very excited about this glad I found your offer.

  8. THANKS ANTHONY!!! YOU ARE THE MAN. You’ve inspired us to start our own channel and and website to help others reach their full potential. Thank you for the knowledge!

  9. Having an Amazon store is almost like having a brick and mortar store. The headaches are not what someone wants to have to deal with, especially for a small start up, with limited finances. And, the inventory problems are unbearable. Thanks for the video Anthony!

  10. Anthony, this is an extremely informative video. Thanks for caring of others and being authentic. This video is the way to make it. Thanks Anthony. You’re Dad is so proud of you. Still… I am so happy to be PWA!!! God bless you.

  11. Hey Anthony, I love this video because I have always thought about starting an Amazon store, but this video brought to light a lot of expenditures and mess I don’t want to take on. Thank you so much for tonight’s class I give this video a 10 because it has saved me from myself.

  12. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find all thIs amazing information. Anthony gives and gives and gives and then gives even more from the heart. So impressed with with all the valuable information he shares each week. Thank you Anthony!!

  13. πŸ’œ Thanks, Anthony! This video is an 8 for me. What I love is Anthony’s focus on the path of least resistance and sharing us the truth. There’s a lot of misinformation in the online marketing space. But, I can sincerely say i’ve come to realize that Anthony is Truth. Don’t take my word for it, of course… but highly consider it! πŸ™‚

  14. Love this video, Anthony! Often thought about an Amazon store but I like the Affiliate model better. Now I’m glad to know why it’s better for me. So glad to be one of your students. Looking forward to building greatness rather than perfection through your weekly trainings. (Now there’s the theme for your next YouTube video!)

  15. Anthony, I like how you cut to the chase. You give entrepraneurs the facts so they can make the best informed decisions. There aren’t too many blatently honest marketers out there who ALSO don’t swear or insult people!

  16. What I like the most about your teaching style is how you are constantly coming back to how you can make things simple to get your students to implement. Thank you.

  17. what is also very important is that in order to make money as an affiliate, you need to have an AUDIENCE to promote to

    1. Right!!! Everyday regular people have no platform the people who are already big only will profit from this complete bull

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