My NEW $20K/Week Affiliate Method | NO Clickbank (Perfect for Beginners)

🔥 Copy+Paste My $50M Digital Empire

Hey everybody Anthony Morrison here and today I want to show you how I've been able to generate over $20K per week in affiliate marketing WITHOUT utilizing Clickbank.

Now, I am NOT shooting this video because I think Clickbank sucks or you can't make money from home in 2020 from their platform. In fact, I've generated well over 7 figures with Clickbank and have a few tutorials on my methods.

The reason I'm teaching this new method is because when I look on Youtube for the best affiliate marketing strategies, my newsfeed is flooded with Clickbank tutorials…

This not only causes over-saturation in the marketplace, but it teaches people to put all of their eggs in one basket. (Or in this case, one affiliate marketplace)

Today, I want to show you a NEW way to do affiliate marketing that reaches into a completely different genre than the information products you see on Clickbank or JVZOO.

And you may find that numbers like $20K per week are a LOT easier to achieve through this particular method.


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47 thoughts on “My NEW $20K/Week Affiliate Method | NO Clickbank (Perfect for Beginners)

    1. I love my program Partner with. Anthony. I love his teaching . That is what I’m doing right now. Going to watch one of his videos now. See you. You need too sign up to be Anthony’s. Partner

    2. F•o•r b•e•s•t c•r•y•p•t•o s•t•r•a•t•e•g•i•e•s
      ~W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p ~m•e

  1. Hey Anthony, your teaching is excellent and I think your program partner with Anthony is a great program for newbie like me. Thanks for what you’re doing to impact the world. God blessing upon you.

    1. @Market Gains tell me more please. I don’t have much money to spare. On disability and my check is $1217 each month which is nothing. I’m in a hole filling up with water and drowning fast. This check doesn’t cover my bills let alone food,gas for car,and other necessities every month.😟😔

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    2. F•o•r b•e•s•t c•r•y•p•t•o s•t•r•a•t•e•g•i•e•s
      ~W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p ~m•e

    1. F•o•r b•e•s•t c•r•y•p•t•o s•t•r•a•t•e•g•i•e•s
      ~W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p ~m•e

  2. Hi, I have a question about Bonus Training 3…are they recorded for people who won’t be able to be in the moment live to watch later? Thanks, Anna

  3. Anthony you are so awesome! You get people excited and give them confidence that they too can succeed at affiliate marketing. Thank you so much for being a great teacher! Here’s to success in 2021!

  4. I am so well impressed with this video, I would like to get some coaching to get me on my way with this very encouraging system. I am already referring friends to join PWA to take advantage of this super program, which is head and shoulders above any other I have come across!! Congratulations Anthony, I’m glad to be part of your team. Thanks

  5. Very inspiring thank you for the motivation and the knowledge I’m definitely going to give this a shot…

  6. Thanks, That was a great video, learned a lot. Especially the part about recurring monthly payment. I didn’t miss that part!!!!!

    1. F•o•r b•e•s•t c•r•y•p•t•o s•t•r•a•t•e•g•i•e•s
      ~W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p ~m•e

  7. Good Anthony.

    I get sooooo very excited every time I watch one if your videos. I am happy that I signed up to partner with you. Have a great day. Keep well.

    1. If u run u won’t make another person a product. U stay broke. Anthony sells to humans not robots.

  8. I love your content. I am working on getting some of these things and it is eye opening to see what successful people do

  9. You mean The SticKEY effect? Lol

    Great video man. I remember watching you on late night infomercials.

  10. Your customer support isn’t as “NOW” as it really needs to be! I want to be able to talk with your company like I can with CF!

  11. I love how you sway away from talking about reaching to the audience. How are you meant to promote a product without having an audience, what if you arent popular enough or confident enough to get people to follow you on your social media and persuade them to buy the product. Every single “guru” has said the same thing as what you said in this video.

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