Miracles Happen in Life When You Believe

I had an interview yesterday with a renowned MNC. I went there to get a job as JAVA developer. This was the first interview as an experienced professional. With nervousness wrapped into anxiety, I reached Gurugram sharp at 9 in the morning. While I was travelling by the metro, my dad called up to wish me luck and enquired about my whereabouts. Fathers are always the more caring ones. I told him about my apprehension. Though I had done my bit of preparation but one can never be sure of the results under such scenarios. He said “karm karo, fal ki iccha mat rkho” (Focus on the work, not the results). Yes, the most common saying! But we are humans; we definitely worry about the results. The interview went fine but I wasn’t selected. Even after this his belief went unperturbed and told me not to lose hope. He asked me to think of times when I came out victorious. Those thoughts gave me a kick and motivation to work harder the next time. The belief that “I can do it” was instilled in me so much so that the following two interviews got me in loss but the next one I could crack! And the next one too!

It was the power of his belief and the confidence that was shown which finally made me achieve my goal.

Belief or Faith has immense power. The power of belief can unfurl miracles.

A specially-abled man who could not see learnt to play piano. It was because the perseverance he showed due to his belief in himself.

What you believe is what you will be! Power of belief can make wonders happen.

If you have faith in yourself to accomplish a task, you can but if you think that it’s not possible then you won’t be able to do it. Half your work gets done with the belief that I can do it! With such an attitude you can build yourself to work towards living your dream.

Power of Belief is a two way process:

You have faith in yourself to achieve something, you will.

Once you achieve something you start believing in yourself.

To get the top most increment band you work hard believing that you will get it. And once you get it your belief strengthens.

It is effective, it is miraculous!

To believe in you can never go immoral. You have numerous examples of successful people telling in their interviews that what done them here is the belief that it is possible and their hard work to accomplish it.

Kyle Maynard was an amputee. His achievements include mountain climbing, and competing in Mixed Martial Arts fighting. When he started off, he lost 35 matches in a row in a year and a half but what kept him up and moving was the power of Belief! People talked about him and said he is an amputee and can never win but he defied all odds.

He won after all those defeats.

Kyle said, “It really had nothing to do with the physical side of things, but for a long time I bought into the belief of other people telling me that I’ll never win a match, so I didn’t”. After his belief that he can, overpowered the people’s belief, he could!

He celebrated his high school career by winning wrestling 135 matches.

Look upon your victories

One bad day and we start looking upon the losses and times we have failed. It makes us negative. Instead we should think of the days when we emerged victorious.

Positive thoughts instil the faith and confidence back in you.

You are a champion, believe it!

A failed attempt does not mean you are a failure. You are a champion and believe me, you are! If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Talk to yourself as a champion. You are not an ordinary individual, are a future champion. Believe and get going!

Visualize your dreams

Whatever you want to achieve visualize it, see yourself in those pants. What you think is what you attract. So visualize yourself in a position you want to be and have faith in yourself. Once you believe and visualise you are at the path of your destination.

“Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.” – It was this kind of powerful thought that Christ rebuilt his crucified body.

Belief has the power to build you into somebody you want to. Keep faith in yourself and the rest will follow.


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