My Hands Make Light Work

Teamwork is the basis of success. Working as a team can be a great asset. We can accomplish the most difficult tasks when we work as a team. With the support of our team, we feel more empowered and the load looks lighter and a lot easier to manage. The reason we feel this way is that we are assigned only a part of the whole project, with each team member sharing the responsibility, and contributing towards achieving success. When we try to do a difficult task all by ourselves, it is possible that we may get frustrated, lose motivation, and may even fail to complete the task successfully.

A team working towards a common goal means we only have a part of the project to complete, keeping the motivation high, as we see other people in our team working together, and becoming a source of encouragement for us all. We should always remember that once we have an efficient and focused team, like a well oiled machine, we can accomplish some remarkable achievements, which may not be possible individually. The crowning moment comes with the celebration of our success as a team. We all win!

It is easier to choose a path that others have set. It is a sign of a winner, a real leader, to make his or her own path, and leave a trail for others to follow. To be yourself in a world that is trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. It is time to face it! Society as a whole wants us to conform to their idea of who we should be, how we should dress, what car we should drive, what we should read, and even what we should eat. In other words, they say, “be like us”! “Conform to our standards”. Everybody has a plan for you! Your friend, family, neighbors, and the authorities want you to follow their expectations. We are bombarded with advertising that is trying to direct us in a certain direction. The entertainment industry is doing the same in living color, and a lot of emotions. Not to mention politicians. They use their power to make laws to force us into their idea of society.

Everybody expects us to behave in a way that we “fit in”. They don’t leave much room for someone to do their own thing, or to believe differently than everybody else. It takes extreme courage to step out of the mold that society has formed for us. It takes a strong will to be different. In today’s strained political climate, the word extremists has been used for people who just want to be different, and live differently, or just want to be left alone. Be NORMAL? Who wants to be normal? A little side story, the other day I made a comment in a post, saying, “I just don’t fit in to be normal.” The nice young lady responded, “Define normal”. Here is my responds: “You had to ask didn’t you. LOL I have been crazy for so long, not being part of the 9-5 crowd, my definition of freedom is quite different from most people, not to mention my political and religious views. You asked “define normal”? Well it is the opposite of what I just listed.” I ask again, “who wants to be normal?” Have the courage and a strong will to be the opposite of “normal”! Be yourself!

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